High performance and green: Dell Technologies’ new line of laptops and monitors

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The past year has served as a test for the “remote workers” and has shown the practicality of this approach to work. However, real, live communication is still very important, which is why many offices are considering a combined form of work. Managing both office staff and remote workers at the same time is not an easy task. Electronics manufacturer Dell Technologies has its own view of organizing work at home and in the office, and the company offers a number of solutions for such tasks.

Designed for collaboration, the new series of notebooks and monitors are eco-friendly and high-performance, perfect for a wide range of work and personal tasks. With cutting-edge artificial intelligence, industry-leading displays and stunning graphics, Dell Technologies is fully prepared for the next decade.

Maximum performance and sustainability

The new Latitude 5421 and 5521 are the most powerful Latitude models from Dell Technologies.  They have 11th Gen Intel H-Grade vapor processors up to 8 cores, delivering not only business-grade performance but also increased platform stability. The speed is also increased by two Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports that allow you to quickly connect peripherals, as well as several express functions, such as Express Sign-In, which automatically detects your presence to “wake up” the device.

With up to 64GB of RAM (DDR4 3200MHz), Intel Octane storage and Nvidia Mx450 discrete graphics, the Latitude 5421 and 5521 can handle both streaming and work with ease.

What’s more, power doesn’t compromise portability. The new Latitude series is smaller and lighter than previous generations. The new lineup boasts another dimension: the 5421 and 5521 have the world’s longest battery life of any 14-inch or 15-inch regular business laptop. This is partly due to the Dell Optimizer software — it adapts to your way of doing things so that frequently used applications start faster and run faster. In addition, the Latitude 5421 and 5521 feature the innovative Comfort View Plus technology to reduce blue light levels. This reduces harmful radiation to the eyes and ensures excellent color reproduction!

For those who care about the environment, Dell has made sure the Latitude 5421 and 5521 are environmentally friendly. Recycled plastic and industrial carbon fiber are used at 30% and 21%, respectively. This brings the total recycled content in notebooks to 71%. Long live progress – but the planet must not suffer!

Ideal for creative people

In our age, creativity is everything. The Precision 3561 entry-level mobile workstation is faster than its predecessors and delivers reliable performance at the best value with 11th Gen Intel Core and Xeon vapor processors. Moreover, it has a maximum RAM configuration: 2 × 32 GB DDR4, 3200 MHz, which is ideal for creative professions.

The 3561 has a number of advanced features. Along with the NVIDIA T1200 4GB semi-professional graphics adapter, you can install a 2.5-inch HDD or m2 SSD. Other perks include Express Response technology, which uses AI to optimize application performance; Express Charge technology (charges 35% in 15 minutes or 80% in 1 hour), and Express Sign-In (detects user presence to wake up the system).

Intel Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2, 3561 provide increased network bandwidth. This means more devices can be connected and response times are reduced, especially with video conferencing support. It also has 2 Thunderbolt 4 Type C ports, 2 USB 3.1 Gen. ports, 1 HDMI 2.0 port, 1 RJ-45 connector, 1 headset, and 1 USB memory card reader. This means there are many accessories you can connect to the 3561. Laptop weight – from 1.74 kg.

High resolution display, stunning visuals

It has always been important for Dell Technologies that a computer is fit for its purpose. This is especially evident in the 5560 and 5760 of the new Precision series. These mobile workstations (the world’s thinnest and lightest) are ideal for those looking for maximum portability and power. Both models deliver superior smooth VR experience.

Professional photo and video editing requires a high-quality display. Dell Technologies’ 5560 and 5760 Precision Series have an industry leading 93% screen-to-body ratio. Equipped with a 16:10, 500 nits 15.6-inch FHD Infinity Edge display with Dell Premier Color, both models are ideal for color-critical projects. These technologies are available on all mobile workstations, each with wide color gamut, 100% AdobeRGB and sRGB color gamut, and flexible color management options for the user. In short, the 5560 and 5760 are ideal for all kinds of creative work. Working for them is an indescribable pleasure.

With Comfort View Plus, the 5560 and 5760 displays reduce harmful blue light – yes, we care about our users’ eyes! It’s also worth considering options up to 8-core Intel Tiger Lake i9 vapor processors and Xeon processors with ECC memory (up to 64GB @ 3200MHz). Plus, next-gen Nvidia RTX A3000 GPUs with 6GB GDDR6. So the 5560 is capable of incredible performance.

Everything you need to store your data

Since the time everyone switched to “remote”, the issue of storing information has become more acute than before. The latest incarnations of the Precision Series are the most powerful and scalable mobile workstations on the market. Key features of the 7560 and 7760 include up to Tiger Lake H Core i9 Xeon processors. In addition, 3200MHz ECC / NECC DDR4 / 3466MHz SuperSpeed memory can provide high processing power.

The 7560 has a starting weight of just 2.45 kg. However, this does not affect performance or storage. The Precision 7560 Mobile Workstation can hold up to 10TB of storage, plus NVIDIA RTX A5000 (16GB) graphics. The new 7560 also features a brighter (600 nits) display up to HDR600 with 2D backlighting, which matches 100% Adobe’s color gamut. Equipped with a large 17.3-inch FHD / UHD HDR400 display, the 7760 has 14 TB of storage and RAID capability, making it ideal for users who require more storage. The Precision 7760 Mobile Workstation is powered by a six-cell, 95Whr lithium-ion battery for longer runtime than its predecessors.