How to record someone's call on WhatsApp?  Know the easy way

How to record someone’s call on WhatsApp? Know the easy way

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In addition to sending chats, photos and videos, you can also make audio calls and video calls through WhatsApp. People who have network problems in their phones or people who use Wi-Y make more WhatsApp calls. Many people also make WhatsApp calls because you cannot record it. Currently, no such feature has been provided by WhatsApp.

Yes, if you want to record the call made on WhatsApp, then for this third party app help will have to be taken. We are telling you a very simple trick, so that you can record any WhatsApp call. Know what changes will have to be made for this.

How to record iPhone users
– If you are an iPhone user, you can record calls with the help of Mac.
– For this, you have to connect your iPhone to Mac through Lightning cable.
– Now it will be written in the phone Trust this computer, on this you have to click on it.
– If you are connecting the phone for the first time from Mac, then you have to go to the quick time option.
– Now you will see the option of New Audio Recording in the File section here. Click on the record button here.
Now after the whole process, press the Quicktime Record button and call WhatsApp.
– As soon as your call will be connected, add the user icon, now recording will start as soon as your phone is received.

This is how Android users record
– If you use Android phone, then you will have to take help of third party app to record the call.
– You can download cube call recorder or any other app in your phone.
– Now open the app and go to WhatsApp. Now call the person whose call you want to record.
– If you see the Cube Call Widget in the app, then understand that your call is being recorded.
– If for some reason you see an error in the phone, then you will have to open the app again.
– Now go to the settings of the app, click on force voice in the voice call here.

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