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With the latest innovations, HP offers one of the broadest portfolio of large format printing solutions and technologies to support virtually any indoor and outdoor print production.

With the latest innovations, HP offers one of the broadest portfolio of large format printing solutions and technologies to support virtually any indoor and outdoor print production.

At FESPA Digital 2008, HP was named in the Blue (Innovator) and Green (Environmental) categories, and received one of five Excellent Nominations.


Introduced new HP Latex Printing Technologies with a focus on environmental design. This new ink is optimally suited for both indoor and outdoor printing.
Introduced five new HP Scitex large format industrial printers through the integration of the recently acquired NUR Macro printers, Ltd.
Integration with MacDiarmid Colors pan introduces a new HP Scitex printer and two new HP Designed printers.
New types of large-format photographic paper and proof-reading paper were presented.
HP products and solutions have received several FESPA awards.

“We provide maximum protection for customers’ investment by providing in-depth advice during the sale, proposing upgrade strategies, and maintaining an increased number of engineers and spare parts in stock to minimize equipment downtime in the event of a failure. In addition, continuous innovation and the consultative nature of customer relationships help us develop the best solutions in the market. ”

This spring, HP inaugurated a new plant in Caesarea, Israel, with a manufacturing area of ​​13,000 m2. This and other factories around the world are excellent proof of the strong customer demand for HP large format industrial printing solutions. In 2007, HP’s business in this sector grew by 19%, while the market size compared to 2006 was 14%.


When developing new technologies for latex printing, HP has paid particular attention to protecting the environment. These inks represent a worthy alternative to the traditional ones used in large format printing.

HP Latex Printing Systems use a water-based latex ink that is odorless (1), high brightness and environmental resistance. Suitable for a wide variety of materials, this ink, when used with new large format printing technologies, enables printers to increase productivity while reducing the overall environmental impact of the printing process.

Printing with HP Latex Inks not only delivers high quality prints, but also allows prints to last more than three years in harsh environments without lamination. (2)

Hewlett-Packard’s new large format printing technology focuses on dedicated printheads with expandable print technology and a unique optical paper advance sensor. Its use in conjunction with latex inks makes it possible to create fundamentally new printing systems with unprecedented productivity (3).

The first printers based on latex technology will be showcased at Drupe in May. Prices and release schedule will be announced at the same time.


The integration of the recently acquired NUR Macro printers Ltd and MacDiarmid Color Span has enabled HP to launch a wide range of industrial solvent and UV inks. The HP line of fine art printers has been expanded with the following innovations:

HP Scitex XP5300 Printer, formerly NUR Expeditor Revolution 5m. Designed for high quality UV ink printing and fast print speeds (4), this printer will be on display at HP booth: D20 – D30 – E65. Print speed in poster mode with HP Scitex special inks reaches 300 m2 / h, which, taking into account the fast drying of the ink, ensures very fast order processing.
This model combines the high performance of large format printers with multi-media support, high quality and print speeds up to 150 m2 / hr. using UV inks. This model is designed for outdoor and indoor printing. For increased productivity, a multi-roll paper feed unit and cutter are included.

The printer supports printing on both flexible and rigid media (5) and has a high print speed (up to 110 m2 / h (6)), as well as impeccable print quality and high resolution (physical resolution up to 800 × 635 dpi, visual resolution up to 1600 × 1270 dpi).
This high-speed, versatile UV roll-to-roll printer comes with a sheeted module. Ideal for printing 3.2m wide media, it has a built-in inflatable manifold and feeder. For maximum efficiency, it can also be connected to a multi-roll paper feed unit. The HP Scitex XP2100 is designed to print all types of media at speeds up to 120 m2 / hr.
HP Scitex FB6100 Printer, formerly NUR Tempo Q. Designed for industrial applications, this flatbed printer is designed for 24/7 use and is highly reliable and backed by HP Support. Equipped with one of the largest flatbeds with a 3.2 x 2m print area, this model allows you to switch from roll to flatbed printing and vice versa with minimal effort.
HP Designed H35000 Printer series, which includes the HP Designed H35100 (formerly Color Span 5440uv) and HP Designed H35500 (formerly Color Span 4560uv). These low-cost printers are great for high quality indoor and outdoor printing. The HP Designed H35500 6-color printer delivers outstanding visual image quality without sacrificing print speed. This printer prints with UV-curable inks on flexible roll materials, including poster vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, canvas, paper and backlit films, and heavyweight materials. Print speed reaches 18 m2 / h with a visual resolution of 1800 dpi. This hybrid printer is very compact and takes a minimum of time to switch from roll to flatbed feed and vice versa.
HP Designed H45000 series printers, including the HP Designed H45500 (formerly Color Span 5465uv) and HP Designed H45100 (formerly Color Span 5445uv). The first of these models will be on display at HP’s booth at Drupe. These printers offer high performance and print quality, ideal for printers interested in printing bright, colorful and weather-resistant outdoor and indoor signs, posters and displays on flexible and heavy media. Variable droplet printheads and HP Designed 788 inks offer easy roll-to-sheet printing and print directly on heavyweight and flexible media at speeds up to 36 m2 / hr.
The HP Scitex FB910 Printer (formerly the Color Span 9840uv) offers versatility, efficient print management and exceptional reliability at high print speeds. Powered by HP Scitex FB240 UV Ink, these printers have a maximum print speed of 74.3 m2 / hr.
Large format photo and proofing papers In March, HP expanded its large format stock portfolio with three new papers in 14 different variations. New types of paper are specially designed for printers and art enthusiasts. HP Pigment Photo Paper (235 gsm) is designed to produce photorealistic images with fine detail and vivid colors. It is available in satin and glossy finishes in four widths: 60, 90, 105, and 150 cm. HP Premium Matte Photo Paper (210