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If someone has blocked you, then find it out in minutes, know this easy trick

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Phone Call Tips: Nowadays it has become a common thing to block someone’s number on small matters. When someone blocks your number then there is a lot of problem. In such a situation, if someone has blocked your phone number and you want to find out about it, then there are many ways. Today we are going to tell you about these. So let’s know how to find out if the phone number is blocked.

confirm with message
If you want to confirm that the number is blocked, then you cannot find out through this message. For this you have to call on the number in front. Only then will it be known. Let us know and how we can find out about it.

find address by phone call
Blocked numbers can be traced in such a way that you can call on the number on which you think that the number is blocked, if the phone is busy again and again, then there is every possibility that your number has been blocked. Has gone.

check like this
If your call is getting disconnected, try calling from another number. If there is a long ring from another number and the call is picked up, then you can be sure that your number has been blocked.

will be confirmed
If you call from another number, the call is going and if not from your number, then it becomes clear that your number has been blocked. If you want, you can call or message from another number and ask to unblock your number. Sometimes the number gets blocked even unknowingly.

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