If you are also looking for a small fridge then this can be the best option

If you are also looking for a small fridge then this can be the best option

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Along with the rain, the summer season is also continuing. In such a situation, without a refrigerator (refrigerator), talk cannot be made. At this time, you will find more than one fridge in the market and in every size, but every house has a different need. The special thing is that small refrigerators are more preferred in homes where space is less. Keeping this need in mind, Godrej, a home appliance manufacturer, has launched its very special fridge in the market. The company has introduced the world’s first refrigerator ‘Qube’ without a compressor. This refrigerator has been designed according to the small needs of the customers. You can easily keep this fridge anywhere and use it easily. If you are also looking for a similar small fridge then this one is for you.

You can buy Godrej Qube from offline market and online market. At present, its price on Amazon India is Rs 6,790. You can easily keep this fridge in your bedroom, vanity room, living room and pooja room as well. It comes with a space of 30 liters and you can easily keep 3 bottles of 1 liter each, along with fruits, and other food items easily. Compressor is not used for cooling in this. Thermal electric chip has been used for cooling in this fridge.

Its cooling is quite effective but remember it is not an ice maker. It has been given advanced solid state electronic cooling technology. This product of Godrej is a completely eco friendly refrigerator ie Green Fridge. The use of electricity in this fridge is also very less. It doesn’t make any noise while walking. Now because it does not freeze, there is no need to defrost it, it helps to keep your beverages and food items fresh and cool quite well.

Can also run from inverter
Godrej Qube has its own personal cooling solution which comes with high quality, modern design and great features. Thermal electric chip has been used for cooling in this fridge. It can also be run from 12 volt battery. That is, it can also be run as an inverter. There is no sound in it as there is no compressor. This will work to reduce global warming. Even during the power cut, the refrigerator will remain cool for three hours.

they will compete
The Godrej Qube will compete with the Haier 53 L (HR-65KS, Black) direct cool single door mini refrigerator. Its price is around 8,870. You can buy it from offline and online stores. You also get the benefit of ice making in Haier’s model. But this design is traditional style. It is small which is its plus point.

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