If you are also worried about being included in the WhatsApp group, then this news is for you.

If you are also worried about being included in the WhatsApp group, then this news is for you.

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WhatsApp Has closed the distance between people. We can make video calls and voice calls to our close ones from any corner of the world. Even after so many features, in this app, we often get troublesome when someone adds you to the group without your will and many times it happens that even if we do not want to get out of it. In such a situation, today we are telling you about one such feature of the app, through which no one will be able to join you in the group without your will.

How to avoid being added to a group
First click on your WhatsApp settings
After going to Settings, click on Accounts.
After clicking on account click on group
On clicking on the group, three options are shown, one is Evryvan, the other is My Contacts and the third is My Contacts Accept.
Meaning of Arrivan in the group- If the status of the Arrival is seen in the group, then it means that anyone can add it to their group. Whether that phone number is saved in your phone or not, but an unknown person from the states of Evryvan can also add you to the group.

Do this important work
If you click on My Contacts after going to the group, then your privacy will be turned on and your phone number cannot be added by everyone in your WhatsApp group. If you do not want any unknown person to join you in your group, then you click on My Contacts.

My contacts accept
This is the third option in the group that clicking on means that you can add everyone from the contact list to your group but excluding the phone numbers you have selected. Actually, after clicking on this option, the contact list opens and if you want, you can select some number from which you do not join the group. Apart from your selected numbers, other people can add you to the group.

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