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If you are not hunting for fake registration regarding Covid-19 Vaccine, be careful!

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The Kovid crisis has caused havoc in the country and more than four lakh infections cases are being reported every day. Nearly four thousand people are going to death every day. Even in the event of this crisis, riggers in the country do not hold back from looking for opportunities. No effective treatment of corona has been revealed so far. The vaccine is the only safety net. Therefore, the vaccine campaign is being intensified. But many fake SMS are coming in which it is being said that if you click on this link, you will be registered on the CoWIN platform. But these are fake links. Clicking on it opens a cheap page. & Nbsp;

Will lead you to the wrong page
Not only this, after opening some kind of porn page, you will be asked to download this app. This will allow you to go to the & nbsp; CoWIN platform. But this page is also fake. As soon as this app is opened, your address, name, phone number etc. will be taken by personal information and will be taken to fake CoWIN and left. Its purpose is only to take your personal information from you. Since the vaccination campaign is in full swing in the country and everyone wants to get vaccinated, that’s why such malware targets in India. Users are under pressure on the CoWIN platform. This is the reason why many types of problems have to be faced here. Taking advantage of this, rigged people do this kind of work. & Nbsp;

What to do
In India, registration has been made compulsory for people between 18 years and 45 years. Two platforms have been built for this. & nbsp; CoWIN and Aarogya Setu app. Both of these apps are authentic, which can be downloaded from the Play Store on Android or iOS. If a link is sent by SMS, message or email from a third party, do not open it. This is the only way to avoid fake registration. & Nbsp;


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