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If you are worried about more messages in WhatsApp, then use this feature

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New Delhi If you are a smartphone user, then you must be using some social media platform. Millions of people run WhatsApp in the country and the world. If you have been troubled by excessive messages on your WhatsApp, then today you are going to tell you such a trick using which you can automatically delete your chat. This feature of WhatsApp is quite useful.

What is this feature

If you want to delete your chat automatically, then you have to use the Disappearing Messages feature of WhatsApp. If you turn this feature on in a chat, then your chat will be automatically deleted after 7 days. If you feel that there are many people in your contact list who send non-urgent messages, then this feature can be useful for them.

How to use

To use this feature, you must first go to your WhatsApp. Here, tap on the person whose chat you want to apply. When you open that person’s profile, you will see the option of Disappearing Messages. You can activate the feature by clicking on it.

This is the other option

Apart from this, if you want to delete the chat done with a person completely, then you have to go to his profile and click on the three points made above. Here you will see the option of Delete Chat. By clicking on it, you can delete the entire chat done with that person.

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