If you have forgotten the password of Wi-Fi, then get this way again, follow this simple trick

If you have forgotten the password of Wi-Fi, then get this way again, follow this simple trick

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If you have also forgotten your wifi password. Whenever this happens, we often turn WiFi on or off, then try to reset the router as well. But often we fail. But do you know we can also find the password without resetting the wifi. How will it happen? So let us tell you.

First you can find the password. To do this, you need to go to Windows and Mac devices and open the settings page of the router. But for these two methods to work, one of your devices must be connected to the WiFi network.

If the user’s device is not connected to WiFi, they can use the WPS Push button which is located on the back of the router or go to the router’s settings page of the connected with the help of an Ethernet cable.

< p style ="text-align: justify;"> When your Wifi is connected to a Windows or Mac device

First click on the Windows Wifi option.

Option Select and then open Network and Sharing Center.

Click on Change Adapter Settings on the next screen

Double click on the wifi option

Once on the Wifi status page, click on Wireless Properties

Click on the Security tab and choose Show password and then see password.

When your Wi-Fi is not connected to any device

Take an Ethernet cable and connect it to a Windows device.

Connect the RJ45 cable to the Windows PC and open the configuration page of the router. Log in.

Once logged in, click the WiFi option on the router and find the password or security option.

Click on show password to see the password.

WPS button if connected to a device.

WPS gives the user the option to connect to WiFi with the help of a password. For this, users have to click the WPS button on the back of the router. After this, the user can directly go to the setup page and search for the password.

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