If your phone hangs too much then get rid of this problem like this

If your phone hangs too much then get rid of this problem like this

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Smartphone has become a part of our life nowadays. We use smartphones for all our work, whether it is shopping, doing any bank work or doing any other important work. We also download apps for all this. But many times the phone hangs due to downloading more apps. Due to the lack of space in the phone and the pressure on the RAM, the phone becomes very slow.

will increase the life of the phone
Some apps come in every phone which are of no use to us and such apps are not even uninstalled from the phone, due to which the phone hangs. Apart from this, you should avoid installing games and unused apps from the phone. Today we are telling you an easy way to delete such unnecessary apps from mobile. Due to which your phone battery will last for a long time. Also, by doing this the life of the phone will also increase.

Delete unnecessary apps like this

1 First of all, remove the game app and less used apps from your phone.
Keep only those apps in the phone that you need. Do not delete useful apps like google play, google setting, android system, this can turn off your phone completely.
Download the superuser app on the phone.
Now open this app, in this you will see an option of delete in the top center then click on it.
Here you have to click on system application.
Now you will see all the system apps of the mobile. The apps you want to delete have to click on the delete icon.
Here you will see a warning. removing system apps may cause system instability and other problems Now you have to click on yes.
After doing this, unnecessary apps will never come in your phone.

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