In the Google Pixel 6 series, the company will use its own processor like Apple

In the Google Pixel 6 series, the company will use its own processor like Apple

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These days Google Pixel 6 Pro is in a lot of discussions. It is believed that soon it is coming to make a splash in the smartphone market. At the same time, before its launch, the company has made a big disclosure. The company said that Google has custom-developed the new chipset Tensor. Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro will run on this chipset. Google told in its blog post that this chipset has been developed by a third party, although it has been designed by Google. The company has also said that it will be like Apple’s AI Bionic. Along with this, some specifications of the smartphone have also been leaked, let us know what will be special in it.

‘Will be the fastest smartphone ever’
For Google Pixel 6 Pro, the company has claimed that it will be the fastest smartphone ever. Google said that the capability of AI and machine learning on Tensor Chip will make these smartphones very fast and the phone will not hang. While using the phone, users will not face any problem of slowing down or any other kind of problem.

These can be features
A new camera system can be given in the Google Pixel 6 series, where the Google Pixel 6 Pro will come with a 4x telephoto lens, while the Google Pixel 6 will be available with a matte metal frame with a glass rear panel. Not only this, a bright meta frame will be given on the glass panel in the back of Google Pixel 6 Pro. Apart from this, a curved display of 120Hz can be given in it. Google said that both these smartphones will work on the Android 12 operating system.

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