Instagram is bringing a new feature for users soon, know details

Instagram is bringing a new feature for users soon, know details

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Social networking site Instagram keeps on bringing new features for users from time to time. Recently, Instagram said that it is going to bring a new feature soon. Under this, any user can now add four pronouns & nbsp; (pronouns) with their name. However, the company has not yet given much information about it. Vishal Shah, Vice President, Instagram Product said, "Users can now add pronouns to their profile." he adds, "We will soon share this feature with our users. This feature will be launched first in some countries."

To add a pronoun to a profile, first of all you have to go to the edit profile option in the profile. After this, the option to include the pronoun will appear under the section named & nbsp; If you include a pronoun in your profile, it will appear on your profile. If you give it permission only then it will show on your profile. Let us know that the users who are less than 18 years of age, they will see their pronouns only to their friends. Pronouns are used for users who are not included on the profile.

Instagram provided this information & nbsp; & nbsp;

Instagram reported , " We will constantly update the list of terms, so that users can understand more and more about it." Instagram said that this feature will be user friendly and it can be used easily. Information about this will be available soon.

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