Internet access is more secure than before, know what is Airtel Secure Internet

Internet access is more secure than before, know what is Airtel Secure Internet

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Last year when work from home started due to Kovid-19, many people were facing a lot of trouble in working due to slow internet speed. But as always, India’s oldest and largest telecom company came out as the solution. Airtel not only provided fast speed of 1Gbps in its Xtreme service, but also provided a router that supports the same high speed absolutely free.
But with our increasing dependence on the Internet and with all our devices like laptops, mobiles, smart TVs being connected on the Internet, our risk of data insecurity has also increased. But Airtel has also brought a solution to this problem for its users. Airtel has added another layer of security to its internet service, which not only keeps your data safe, but also gives you many more options. The name of this new service is Airtel Secure Internet.

Airtel Secure Internet mainly does two things – protects all devices from viruses and malware and gives control of what reaches you and what does not. For this, Airtel offers 4 modes, including virus protection, child safe, study mode and work mode. Airtel has developed this service keeping in mind all types of users in a house.

What is Airtel Secure Internet

This service not only protects every device connected to Wi-Fi and also helps you in working as well. Often, our attention gets distracted by social media, streaming, games etc. during work. But now, with the help of Airtel Secure Internet, you can block the website or content that you want to block, so that you can only concentrate on work during work. Then after office you can start these services again. Similarly, Airtel also makes internet safe for children.

It is very easy to use this service. Secure Internet can be activated through the Airtel Thanks App. The first month of this service is absolutely free and after that you will have to spend only 99 rupees every month.

Secure Internet can also be managed through the Thanks App. With the Thanx app, you can operate your security mode. In the app you will also get a list of people who have been blocked on the basis of fraud reports.

So if you also give importance to the safety of your family, then subscribe to Airtel Secure Internet Service.


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