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Apple has repeatedly created different models of the iPad, but today we will talk about the planned iPad Pro 2, which is scheduled for release in 2016. However, as expected in 2016, the iPad Pro 2 never came out, and now users are waiting for the date of the announcement and the appearance of the tablet in stores in 2017.

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The 13-inch version of the iPad with the A9X quad-core operating system and 64-bit architecture, 3K resolution and spacious memory conquered its users in September 2016, and the review of the next model in 2017 makes you wait, not for the first time filling the Internet space with rumors and speculation.

In this article, we will try to assess the possibilities and provide a complete overview of the upcoming Apple iPad Pro 2 model, so that everyone can make their own decision about buying an advanced flagship. How can it be better than the previous September version of the iPad Pro, released in 2015, or maybe it will have flaws? Well, we’ll see.

So far, we can only say with certainty that the iPad Pro received as a gift the most powerful hardware system in the history of Apple, leaving some tablet competitors behind. A truly professional tablet ranked first in device performance. What should we expect from the Apple iPad and what is the date of the Pro 2 announcement? Let’s start reviewing the iPad Pro 2.

The latest tablet flagship iPad Pro 2 certainly differs from previous models in its large and unusual dimensions, processor performance, super high-quality display, advanced camera, powerful battery, stylish and super lightweight keyboard built into a removable case, but more on that one by one.

External interior

The previous 9.7-inch iPad Pro looked very much like the iPad Air. It is expected that the appearance of the iPad Pro 2 should change due to the new design and layout of the buttons, as well as by changing the functionality of the keys.

Most likely, the new built-in dock connector, which has three round buttons on the end that allows you to remotely connect a super lightweight keyboard, will retain its former appearance.

It seems that new covers will be presented, which allow not only to provide a convenient location of the display relative to the user’s eyes, like the iPad Air, but will also have the ability to recharge the tablet.

As for the color palette, this question is kept secret, but it is only possible to assume the preservation of the classics in color and the metal body, and the rest of the style will be projected based on the previous characteristics.

What a super bright display!

Outpacing its predecessors, iPad Pro 2 will feature the latest Retina display technology, featuring the highest degree of brightness and contrast, thanks to a high pixel resolution of 2048×1536. In addition, manufacturers have added True Tone technology to the display to adjust the temperature in the surrounding light space.

This is truly the latest technology in which the brightness of the backlight itself adjusts to the ambient light, thanks to the built-in four-channel sensors. The exterior appearance of the display is complemented by an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints from leaving its surface, keeping it constantly clean, at least visually. The screen has anti-reflective protection, which allows you to get a high-quality picture, despite the viewing angle.

Ultimate iPad performance

The super powerful A10X processor, which has four cores and 64-bit architecture, provides high performance of the device, and the M10 coprocessor ensures the speed of task execution. In addition, they say that the RAM of the device for the first time will receive a super scandalous volume – as much as 6 GB! Whereas the previous version of the iPad Pro introduced an already significantly powerful 4 GB RAM.

No one can know exactly the amount of built-in memory on a tablet, but most likely the memory capacity will fluctuate in different models, still from 32 to 256 GB, like the iPad Air. It seems that until Apple begins to focus on additional processor volume, giving preference to high technologies and built-in innovative chips.

Amazing stereo sound

The latest version of the iPad Pro introduced users to great stereo sound quality from high-quality speakers that are positioned for convenience and sound effect in all corners.

making a good sound level have such richness and a lot of high frequencies, giving the impression of a lively and surround sound. The volume control was located for convenience in the upper right corner, perhaps its location will not change.

Excellent camera quality

Judging by the forecasts, this time the iPad Pro 2 will light up a 12 megapixel camera equipped with the latest Focus Pixels technology. The six-lens insight camera has a highly adjustable focus and field of view, as well as an aperture that allows you to take high-quality pictures even in the lowest light.

Thanks to the built-in 4-LED flash, photos are obtained with maximum brightness and contrast. Undoubtedly, the camera will be equipped with the latest noise reduction technology, as in previous models. In addition, optical frame stabilization will please you with high accuracy as always.

In the iPad Pro, everyone managed to appreciate the excellent video quality, but the next version will have, in addition to 4K video format with Full-HD quality, but also a 5 megapixel FaceTime front camera, a good view from all angles, which will allow you to transfer excellent video quality from Skype, which has become irreplaceable and one of the most demanded types of communication in the world.

HD video shooting will be supported at 30 or 60 fps, and for slow motion – 120 or 240 fps at 720p resolution. Flash Retina Flash allows you to give maximum brightness due to instant flash.

Home button

Most likely, unlike the iPad Air and iPad Pro, the iPad Pro 2 will replace the usual mechanical home multifunction button following the example of the seventh iPhone. The response on the button will become tactile, reading the force of touch, because the intelligence of the button is answered by the latest generation Tactic Engine vibration motor.