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This is primarily aimed at people who are holding on to their older iPhone 5 or 6 era devices because they like the size, but this can only solve a problem you didn’t even realize. You were

When you have iPhone 12 mini for the first time in your hand, it just makes sense. Certainly, it’s not for everyone – mainstream phones are plentiful because they sell well – but I think many people feel comfortable and satisfied upon seeing this option. I also think that many people would choose iPhone 12 mini over the standard iPhone 12 because of this.

What do you get with iPhone 12 mini?

Despite being small at 5x inches, with a low resolution of 1080×2340, the screen is still an OLED panel that supports hectic touch feedback, HDR, wide DCI-P3 color aspects, and 1200nit maximum brightness. Apple calls it the “Super Retina XDR” panel and it’s actually slightly faster (albeit better) at 476ppi vs 460ppi than the iPhone 12 and even the iPhone 12 Pro (preview).

iPhone 12 mini performance and gaming

Another problem with lubricating high-end hardware small location for heat escape. During this review, the phone did not come under a lot of pressure or was unable to perform smoothly with normal usage at any point, including Asphalt 9: Legends and heavy games of duty mobile. However, as I found, if you plan to use very heavy apps now or in the future, you will not have a great time.

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iPhone 12 mini

The all-new Three Mark Wildlife Benchmark has a stress test mode that lasts for 20 minutes. The iPhone 12 stood at around 40 40fps, with a final stability score of 71.2% gradually decreasing after each loop. On the other hand, iPhone 12 mini made a big dive in a few minutes, and its stability was reported to be only 46.6%. This suggests that permanent performance is not permanent under heavy loads.

iPhone 12 mini camera

On iPhone 12 mini, the two rear cameras and the single front camera are exactly the same as you get on the larger iPhone 12 and you actually get the same features and capabilities that you get with the iPhone 12 Pro, which costs a lot. more. Each has a 12-megapixel resolution, but the primary wide camera has an f / 1.6 aperture, while the Ultra Wide has a much lower f / 2.4 aperture. New with this generation, all cameras support Night Mode and Deep Fusion, Dolby Vision HDR video recording 30fps and Smart HDR3.

Apple does not believe in giving users too many options, too many things happen in the background, and many toggles or hints. For example, deep fusion means capturing multiple displays and combining them into one shot to increase detail and contrast, especially in low light – but I’ll never know. When did he kick? Similarly, Night Mode is no different. ; All of this (although you can disable it or adjust the shutter speed) if iPhone 12 mini finds out that shots need a boost. There are no beauty filters here, although some better intelligence can be applied to improve the photo. It is possible

iPhone 12 mini

Night photography is where iPhone 12 mini really stands out. Night mode can provide some truly exceptional results, and being able to use it with a wide angle and front camera is very satisfying. The phone usually requires pausing for 1-3 seconds, but you can fully extend it for 29 seconds, which only makes sense when you are using a tripod.
I was able to capture entire scenes in remote backgrounds, with clearly defined areas of light and darkness. Where other phones only fade, iPhone 12 mini can still hold an irregularly crisp detail when it seems like there’s no light. With indoor lighting, some night mode shots look as if they could be taken during the day. This is also true for wide-angle cameras. Night mode seems ready for weak aperture.


The video is equally crisp day and night. HDR kicks in automatically, and if you want to disable it, you’ll need to add iOS to the main iOS settings app. Motion is smooth in 4K as well as 1080p, though there is a significant difference in stability when switching between primary and ultra wide cameras. No glare or art fades when recording at night. Low-light videos were also uncommon, although wide-angle cameras produced noisy, green footage when there was not much ambient light.

iPhone 12 mini

Final opinion

This would be a great upgrade for any iPhone 6s or older. Of course it would be nice if this model is in condition and it will cost less than the outgoing iPhone 11.