iPhone 14 can come in the market with punch-hole display, look leaked, know what will be special

iPhone 14 can come in the market with punch-hole display, look leaked, know what will be special

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iPhone 14 Update : The craze of iPhone is such that as soon as one of its models arrives, the wait for the other starts. Ever since the launch of the iPhone 13, its fans were waiting to see how the iPhone 14 would be and when it would be launched. Now the market of speculation has started heating up regarding this. Recently some information has been leaked about the iPhone 14, according to which the display of this phone will be based on the punch hole design. This will happen for the first time in iPhone. Apple is in talks with LG for the display.

display will be better

According to a report by Chinese magazine MyDrives, Apple will change the design of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro next year. This phone will have a punch hole display and this time the company is talking to LG to work on it. In fact, Apple had to get permission from Samsung for the LTPO display of the iPhone 13, which is its biggest rival. This rumor about the display also gets more force because Apple has been giving a notch display in its phone for a long time. Although some changes were made in the iPhone 13.

Apart from the display, there can be more special

If this speculation turns out to be true and LG is working on a punch hole display, then the iPhone 14 could also feature a better under-screen camera. With this, the experience of clicking photos and videos will be even better than Apple’s earlier phones.

For now have to wait till the end

Whatever things are coming out about the display of iPhone 14, they are all speculations right now. In such a situation, it is too early to trust it completely. Because in the past, many of Apple’s products have been different at the time of launch, while there was speculation about them. In such a situation, it is better to wait till its launch.

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