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Today we will review iPhone 6 and its design battery and many features.

Look and feel

The iPhone 5s has flat edges and sharp corners. iphone 6 feels smooth and smart, with a beautiful dark glass front that resembles a pool of ink. The glass is raised above its edge and folded at the edges so that it meets the metal in a smooth curve. It seems that if the phone falls and falls into a corner, the glass can break very easily, which is a big reason to invest in one form or another.

The top is empty, as the power button now moves to the top right of the Nano SIM card tray. This will be annoying for iPhone users in the long run. Given the stable size of this phone, this step may not be necessary, but it is in line with the design of iphone 6 Plus. The ringer mute switch and volume buttons are on the left as usual, and the power port and headset socket are at the bottom. We cannot improve the quality of Apple’s manufacturing and machining process. All the buttons feel fine, and even the charger’s Lightning connector slips into its port with a satisfying coil.

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iphone 6

We didn’t feel Apple needed to make our iPhones any thinner, but when we have it in our hands, we really like iphone 6. The weight and balance are fine, so we’re glad Apple finally embraced the idea of ​​making a bigger phone.

iphone 6 price in pakistan

$349.or  Rs. 46,899


There is a separate co-processor called M8 for sensor input, which helps save battery life by allowing the A8 to sleep while detecting and performing physical activity in the background.

The screen is certainly larger than the iPhone screen generation model, but still much smaller than the iphone 6 Plus model. The resolution is not much collision with the iPhone 5 series, and the pixel density is exactly the same. We liked the crisp, bright display on the 6 Plus, and while it’s good on iphone 6 as a standard, it doesn’t sound very interesting. Competitors have long outpaced Apple in terms of resolution, and the difference between some current Android flagships and some iphone 6 is certainly noticeable, if not ultimately insignificant.

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There is 1GB of RAM which seems stingy compared to today’s Android devices, however when we saw it, we did not find any problems on iphone 6 Plus. The fact that storage is not expandable is a constant frustration for us – iPhones are already expensive and these devices require more than the initial price and ridiculous amount to pay for their full capacity. In fact, there was a lot of room for this.


A large part of iphone 6‘s appeal is in iOS – specifically, iOS 8. Not all features work on older iPhones, so only the software is strong enough to upgrade from this device. There is no reason to be under three years old.

iOS 8 has many new and great features. All things associated with iMessage like photo editing tools, notification center widgets, Safari tweaks and small things related to voicemail make iphone 6 a pleasure to use. App extensions are usually subtle, but this feature represents a big new thing about iOS, and developers will certainly take advantage of it over time. The custom keyboard will be the game changer for Apple, and some truly innovative apps will let you do all sorts of things through messaging. Improvements in handling mail and managing iTunes content were also praised.

One of the newest iOS 8 features is the Health app. This is a little less usable – you can see an activity dashboard and entries for dozens of tracking metrics, but when you download the additional app, things end up using the HealthKate framework. And they populate all the information.

The camera

The rear camera is still 8 megapixels, but lenses and sensors have been improved to allow better low light and color accuracy. Video can now be captured with permanent auto focus and improved stability. The 120fps slow motion, which was introduced with the iPhone 5s, is now available with 240fps slow motion, and iOS 8 has a new time-lap mode that older phones can use.

iphone 6

Apple’s camera app is mostly bare-bones – it has no special effects or multi-page menus of options. It is easy to discover the new capabilities of iphone 6 and iOS 8, but is beginning to realize that Apple cannot decide whether to offer more options or keep its interface to a minimum.

We were very happy with iphone 6’s camera. Pictures taken during the day were crisp with the right colors and excellent levels of detail. The close-ups were spectacular, and the distant objects were also well captured. The low-light performance was also commendable – iphone 6 works indoors and outdoors, even with minimal artificial or ambient light. We were constantly amazed at how good shots come out – making a lot of noise but the details were well appreciated even when viewed on a small screen. Looking at such pictures, it seems as if they have been taken in a much better light.


Again, we were reminded that the numbers and abbreviations on the statement sheet cannot always be used to decide tools. The dual-core Apple A8 processor and its integrated graphics capabilities outperform its rivals against quad and octa-core products.

iphone 6

We had no problem with iphone 6, whether we were playing heavy games, recording fast videos, multitasking, or just relaxing while browsing the web. The phone is highly responsive, and features unique features, such as Apple’s Touch ID sensor, make it perfect for seamless use of iPhone user. Of course, there are things that are not as flexible or functional as Android, but overall, I’m happy using the iOS platform.