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iPhone SE review Price, What’s Better, Pubg test, IOS and Status in India

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This is the iPhone SE (2020) review we write for a more modern day smartphone. In terms of iPhone SE (2020) features and target audience, its price range is so different from other phones that it seems that it should be in the category of another product. If you have a budget of 45,000, there are many Android smartphones that may make more sense to buy. Although it is now the lowest priced iPhone in Apple’s lineup, iPhone SE (2020) is still very affordable by Indian standards.

iPhone SE price

USD $235

iPhone SE (2020) Price in India

If you were expecting a cheaper version of the iPhone 11 or even the iPhone XR, the new iPhone SE (2020) is it. The negatives come very close – in this world, its old-fashioned design, small screen, and single rear camera are ridiculous, with no shortage of feature-packed sub-Rs. 10,000 Android phones. The official price of Apple is 100 rupees. 42,500 has already raised enough eyebrows for this model, and many of you have made fun of it in the comments section. Jump Rs. 47,800 is not too tight for the 128GB version, but I don’t think it would cost much to get 500 rupees. The 58,300 256GB version, which I tested for this review, is in a different state.

These prices are disappointing as it means that Apple is under the latest pressure in cost-sensitive markets like India, and once again our hopes for a truly affordable iPhone have been dashed. Of course, Apple’s own premium position has deteriorated recently due to increased taxes, import duties and the US dollar exchange rate, which are beyond the company’s control. After the model has been on the market for a few months, iPhone prices have plummeted and both Diwali and Prime Day sales can see good deals on the phone.

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iPhone SE

At the moment, iPhone SE (2020) will compete with the iPhone XR, priced at Rs. 10,000 more on paper but often a discount of Rs 500. 40,000. Ideally, iPhone SE (2020) would be around Rs 500.  We look forward to seeing more good deals on iPhone SE next year.

iPhone SE (2020): Who Should Buy?

You always want an iPhone, but can’t afford it, or you can hang onto an old or broken phone and not upgrade because each new model is too expensive. iPhone SE (2020) should have taken care of these clear goals, and in a world where the iPhone XR is not exempt, it should. However, in some ways, the iPhone XR is a more advanced device (despite its older processor) and is more satisfying to use on its own.

The new iPhone SE doesn’t feel like an iPhone – or even a smartphone these days. You do not get the latest iPhone experience at a low price. That said, it will serve the purpose of the upgrade and it will run the latest version of iOS with all the apps you want.

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So who would specifically choose iPhone SE (2020)? The biggest potential target markets are those who want a very compact but powerful smartphone, and who don’t like change. It has long been discussed on smartphone screens that “football” -sized 6.5-inch screens have become commonplace. There is no other modern phone that is as compact as the 4.7-inch iPhone SE (2020), and even the 4-inch original iPhone SE had a fan following due to its size and mobility.

iPhone SE (2020): What’s Better?

So far, I have found a lot of negatives about iPhone SE (2020), but it is still a premium device. See for yourself, there’s a lot to like, and even some features that Android models don’t offer at this price level.

First, let’s talk about the size of iPhone SE (2020). It is very smart and Apple pays special attention to detail. The body (and most accessories inside) is essentially the same as the iPhone 8 (review), with every last gram and millimeter. Weighing 148 grams and only 7.3 mm thick, it is a small phone, and is very easy to use with just one hand. It is so light that it slips out of my pocket whenever I sit, though thankfully the grip is good.

The front and rear are all glass, with an aluminum frame. The build quality looks great. I am reviewing the all black version today, but I prefer the white and (product) red eye options.

Next, Apple’s current gen A13 is the bionic processor, capable of machine learning. It is the same chip used in the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro models ever, which says a lot about Apple’s focus on providing a certain level of performance.

iPhone SE


For iOS, IoT gave us a score of 370,086, while the iPhone 11 Pro was successful at 432,358. These scores should not be compared with Android devices as N-Tattoo is specific to the platform.

iPhone SE

Pubg test

We play PUBG: Mobile and Asphalt 9: Legends. Both run very smoothly on advanced graphics settings. We noticed that the screen is slightly narrower, but the body size of the screen allows us to have a better grip than we used to.

iPhone SE (2020) Software and Ecosystem

The main advantage of the iPhone is the iOS ecosystem, which is user-friendly and convenient at the cost of some customization. The design is massively durable and easy to live with, and is good on small iPhone SE (2020) screens. Our unit was running iOS 13.4.1 and was updated to 13.5.1 during our review period. You will not get some neat features of Android custom scans, such as app cloning or secure storage area, which you would be good to get.

Apple promotes its security and privacy policies more strictly than Android, and promises not to disclose personal information for profiling and advertising purposes. Apple has a strong track record with software updates, and you can be guaranteed the next three major versions of iOS at no additional cost. IOS is also free of third-party buildware and spam, which some expensive Android phones still put on buyers.