Best prepaid plans of 84 days validity, Jio, Airtel and Vi are offering this offer

Jio, Airtel’s cheapest high speed data plan, will get more than 50GB data and unlimited calling

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Telecom companies are offering special offers to woo customers. Companies are coming with such plans in which high speed data, unlimited calling and SMS are being provided. There are more than one postpaid plan of Jio and Airtel in the telecom market. In such a situation, if you are looking for a better postpaid plan, then we are telling you about some cheap postpaid plans of Jio, Vodafone and Airtel. In which you are getting more than 50GB of data and unlimited calling facility. You can take any of these plans.

Airtel’s Rs 399 postpaid plan
If you are thinking of taking Airtel plan then you will get this great plan of Airtel for Rs 399 only. In this, users will get a total of 40GB of data with 100SMS and data roll-over daily. Users will also be able to make unlimited calling on any network. Apart from this, users will be subscribed to the Airtel Extreme Pack with this pack. & Nbsp;

Jio’s Rs 399 postpaid plan
If you want to get a Jio plan, then you are getting a cheap internet plan for Rs 399. In this rental pack of Jio, customers will get 75GB data. Apart from this, unlimited calling facility is also available on any network. Jio app subscription will be given free of cost to consumers on behalf of the company.

Vodafone plan of 399 rupees
Like Airtel, this plan also comes with 56 days validity. In this, customers are given 1.5GB of data every day. Along with this, there is also the benefit of free unlimited calling. Not only this, customers also get 100SMS every day. The special thing is that in this plan, customers are also given the benefit of weekend data rollover. That is, in this, customers can use the remaining data from Monday to Friday on Saturday and Sunday. In addition, 5GB edition data is also given to customers for 28 days.

Jio’s 599 rupees postpaid plan
If you use more data, then Jio’s 599 rupees plan will be best for you. In this postpaid plan you will get unlimited calling facility on any network with 100GB of data. Apart from this, consumers will be given free subscription of Jio App in this pack.

Airtel’s Rs 499 postpaid plan
This postpaid plan is the cheapest in Airtel’s portfolio. In this plan you will get 75GB data for one month. Also you can make unlimited calling on any network. Apart from this, the company will give you free subscription of Airtel Extreme and Amazon Prime in this pack for one year.


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