Keep these things in mind while buying second hand phones, do not let losses happen

Keep these things in mind while buying second hand phones, do not let losses happen

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In today’s time, more than one smartphone is available at the cheapest price, but many times we have to buy a second hand phone. If you are thinking about buying a second hand phone, then take special care of some things. If some important things are not kept in mind while buying the phone, then there may be problems later.

When buying the phone, try to run it for at least 15 minutes. Many times we are unable to check using the phone for a long time in a hurry. In such a situation, we could not find out the internal problem. Second hand phones often have the problem of hanging. While using the phone, you must check whether there is a problem of hanging or not. While buying the phone, you must check the battery life, display, charging port, headphone jack, etc. & nbsp;

Do not go online without looking at the phone

Do not pay online without seeing the phone. Many times, there is a malfunction in the phone after payment. In such a situation, the second hand phone is not returned. Pay online or offline only after the phone is in hand. If you think there is a defect in the phone, do not buy it. Many times, after buying the phone, a lot of problems also begin to appear. & Nbsp;

Verify IMEI number

When buying any phone, it is very important to see the original bill of that phone. If the phone does not have an original bill, then talk to the dealer once. Apart from this, make sure to match the IMEI number with the bill. To find the IMEI number you type # 06 # on your phone. If the warranty of the phone remains, then also check the original bill.

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