Keep these things in mind while choosing AirPods

Keep these things in mind while choosing AirPods

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Apple also launched AirPods-3 along with the MacBook Pro variant last week. The design of the Airpods-3 is undoubtedly very similar to the Airpods Pro, but many such new features have been added to it that make it different from the earlier Airpods. If you want to get Airpods and are confused about which one to buy Airpods-2, Airpods-3 and Airpods Pro, then do not worry. We will clear your confusion.

Features of Airpod-3

The design of Airpod-3 is good to see. It does not have a rubber in ear tip. It does not have a silicone tip and its shape is also not long. In this you will get more base than the earlier version. Its battery can last up to 6 hours for listening to music. Not only this, Airpod-3 has been given adaptive EQ, better touch controls and sweat and water resisting and MagSafe charging feature. It also has the feature of special audio. This feature is not in Airpod-2. Although AirpodPro has these features. If we talk about the weight of Airpod-3, then its weight is 4.28 per earbud, while it weighs 37.91 with the case. The price of Airpod-3 in India has been kept at 18500.

Features of Airpod-2

If we talk about the design of Airpod-2, then it comes in a longer shape case. The earbud is in a plastic shape without a silicone tip. As we mentioned above, Airpod-2 does not have features like special audio, sweat and water resistance and MagSafe charging. The adaptive EQ is also missing in the Airpod-2. If we talk about the battery, then in this version you get up to 5 hours of backup music listening. The Airpods-2 weighs 4 grams per earbud, while the case weighs 38.2 grams. Its price is currently around Rs 12990.

Features of Airpods Pro

Airpods Pro comes with a squarish case, which has silicone tips. Airpods Pro has features of special audio, sweat and water resisting and MagSafe charging. You also get features like Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode in Airpods Pro. In this version also you get facility like adaptive EQ. The biggest feature of Airpods Pro is its vent system which equalizes the pressure in the ears. If we talk about its battery backup, then you can listen to music for 5 hours by charging it once. It weighs 5.4 grams per earbud and the case weighs 45.6 grams. Its price in India is around Rs 24990.

what could be better for you

If you want to go for a low price then Airpods-2 is a better option for you. This is the best option for basic use and college going students who use more for music and calls. On the other hand, if you have a little more budget then you can choose Airpods-3. In this you get some extra features. On the other hand, Airpods Pro is a better option for those with more features and more budget. However, its battery life is a little less according to the rate.

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