Key Technology Trends in 2023

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New technologies appear daily. Each of them simplifies our daily life. It becomes more perfect and comfortable. And at the same time, it is impossible not to see that in recent years development has been going faster and faster.

Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has greatly accelerated the digital transformation of businesses. So it must be assumed that this goal is much closer than the experts planned.

IMPORTANT! Acquaintance with the latest IT technologies is the key not only to everyday comfort, but also to career advancement, as well as to exploring new opportunities. How, according to experts, will the year 2023 be marked?

Artificial intelligence, also referred to as the abbreviation AI, is now as popular as possible. He went to this great popularity for 10 years. And to this day, he hasn’t slowed down. AI is now one of the core technologies in 2023-2024.

AI is evolving every day. And therefore, new applications continue to be developed to implement this technology. Currently, the most popular AI applications are image and speech recognition, navigation programs, as well as voice assistants – for example, Yandex.Alisa, Siri and Alexa, etc.

Organizations and companies are aiming to use AI when there is a need to analyze the interactions of a business and its customers; when you need to get data and define triggers. This helps to make predictions about demand even for services such as medicine or tourism. This allows you to improve the allocation of resources when some projects are being developed.

IMPORTANT! Machine learning (ML) is a part of artificial intelligence. It uses supervised learning to enable a person to learn new features. The worldwide demand for qualified specialists is growing day by day, and therefore this trend looks very attractive.

How to robotize process automation

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It is also possible to automatically robotize the solution of other repetitive tasks that in the recent past were performed using manual processes.

Like machine learning or artificial intelligence, RPA is a technology that is growing rapidly this year. It allows you to automate jobs in a variety of areas.

IMPORTANT! Consulting firm McKinsey analyzed and found that less than five percent of jobs are currently fully automated. However, approximately 60 percent of them can be automated at least partially.

RPA can offer new career options. For example, a consultant, programmer, business analyst, project manager. Augmented reality improves the environment that already exists around a person.
These applications have so far been mainly associated with games and special filters in social networks. But simulation software (particularly Virtual Ship) is also being used to train specialists on US Navy and Coast Guard ships.

An impressive figure, and it is only growing. There are forecasts that this year the global market for this trending technology will reach a figure of 209.2 billion US dollars.

It is expected that this year AR and VR will be more tightly integrated and much deeper into our daily lives than now. They have great potential and possible use in education, treatment or rehabilitation after injuries, in entertainment, art, and marketing.

For example, on June 5, an Apple company introduced a fundamentally new product. As the head of the company Tim Cook noted, this is a completely new type of computer. It complements reality and at the same time mixes the real world with the digital one in an original way.

IMPORTANT!  Externally, the device resembles a massive mask used for scuba diving. It has a cord on the side, probably for connecting an external battery that can provide up to two hours of operation.

Blockchain conquers the market

But at the same time, it offers that unconditional security that may be needed in some other areas.
Blockchain is often defined as data that can only be added. You can’t delete or change them. As a result, most data partitions form a “chain”. This is why blockchain is considered to be an extremely secure technology. Blockchains are based on consensus, that is, no person or organization (chain member) can exercise control over the data alone. There is no need or possibility for someone else to control the transaction.

IMPORTANT! As more and more sectors of the economy (and not only) accept blockchains as a working technology and implement them, the demand for their highly qualified developers is also increasing. This requires not only practical experience with programming languages, but also basic knowledge of OOP, relational databases, data structures, networks, as well as web application development.

IoB is one of the industry trends that is growing very fast. It has found use in many areas. IoB is a technology that uses data that has been collected from user devices connected to the global network. Huge amounts of collected data are then analyzed and tracked in order to understand how a person behaves.
As more devices connect to the Internet and more users choose digital solutions, this technology has an important role in the future in the field of big data, analytics, development and predictive analytics.

A lot has already been said about IoT technology, which is a physical network of devices connected to the Internet, where each device has the ability to interact with another. In the coming years, even more devices will become “smart”. They can be connected to the public network. Let’s say it’s home appliances and cars.