Know about these tremendous features of WhatsApp, you can easily use it

Know about these tremendous features of WhatsApp, you can easily use it

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new Delhi: WhatsApp is used extensively in the country and the world. The importance of this app has increased significantly in professional life too. Often people use this app to connect with their team. Today we are going to tell you about some awesome features of WhatsApp, which can improve your experience. It is quite easy to use these features.

Animated Stickers

WhatsApp launched the animated sticker feature for its users late last year. Through these stickers, you can make the messaging experience much better and fun. Many times you express your feelings by sending a sticker instead of words. With this feature you can make your chat attractive.

Advanced Search Option

Many times you use WhatsApp in professional life. In such a situation, you receive hundreds of messages, files, photos and videos every day. It is difficult to remember the name of every document. In such a situation, you can easily find any image, video document or giff using this feature of WhatsApp. For this you do not need to go to any chat. At the top of WhatsApp comes the advanced search option.

QR Code

Through this feature of WhatsApp, you can add contacts to your WhatsApp in a matter of seconds. For this, you have to go to the QR Code option and scan the code of another person. Till now, you had to save the number of a new contact in WhatsApp. After that he had to search. Now you have to go to WhatsApp and just scan the WhatsApp QR code of the other person and the number will be added to your phone.

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