Know how it will turn into a dummy app if WhatsApp's new privacy policy is not accepted.

Know how it will turn into a dummy app if WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is not accepted.

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WhatsApp users were afraid of account closure from May 15 till sometime back, but no account was closed even if they have not accepted the new privacy policy. The company had earlier given an ultimatum to the users that in order to continue using the messaging app, users would have to accept the new privacy policy. But now this is not happening because the messaging app has announced an update related to the privacy policy.

WhatsApp had said before the deadline of May 15 that it would not delete users’ accounts even if the new privacy policy was not accepted. But it is not that things are so simple. Although WhatsApp will not delete your account, but it will limit some functions. WhatsApp will keep sending reminders to the users for weeks but despite the reminders, if the users do not accept the privacy policy, then the app will become completely useless. It will be like a dummy app without any basic features.

Initially incoming audio and video calls will continue
WhatsApp users do not accept the policy even after sending the reminder, then the app will allow the incoming audio and video calls to be answered in the initial time but not the chat list. You will be able to enable notifications, answer video calls from the notification panel. Then after a few weeks, incoming audio and video calls will also stop coming. But before reaching this level, WhatsApp will send you countless notifications.

Notifications will stop after some time
WhatsApp told The Guardian in a statement that “after a limited functionality of a few weeks you will not receive incoming calls or notifications and WhatsApp will stop messaging messages and calls on your phone.” At that time, users have to choose whether to either accept the new conditions or be prevented from using WhatsApp. ”

Option to migrate to another app if policy is not accepted
The reminder asks users to accept the policy and it pops up occasionally. Whenever you open the messaging app, it will appear on your display permanently. The only way to get rid of the fixed reminder screen is to tap on the “Accept” button at the bottom of the message. If you are not sure about accepting the Privacy Policy policy, you can migrate to another app because WhatsApp does not allow any Also, the user will not be allowed to use the policy without accepting it.

However, users who have already accepted the policy will not see any change in the app. They can continue to use the app as before.

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