Know how to make Android smartphone smart TV remote, this is the easy way

Know how to make Android smartphone smart TV remote, this is the easy way

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Nowadays is the era of Smart TV. These days, TVs equipped with advanced technology are being launched in the market, which work on Google’s operating system Android. Through these, you can play the content present in your phone directly in TV instead of laptop. Now we have the facility to connect TV to Smartphone, but there are many people who do not know how to connect Smart TV to Smartphone. If you do not even know, then we have come up with a solution to your problem. So let’s know about it.   

Make Smartphone as your Smart TV Remote

To make your smartphone a smart TV remote, first of all connect these two to the same Wi-Fi.
Now download the Android TV app on your phone.
Now Android in your smartphone Open the TV app.
After doing this tap on the name of the Android TV in the phone.
Now pair the PIN shown in the Android TV by entering it in the smartphone.
To do this After that you can control Android TV from your smartphone. 

find out which app is using how much space

First Go to Settings
Go to Settings and click on Storage/Memory.
In the storage list you will be able to see which content is consuming the most storage space of the phone.
This The list will show the consumption of internal memory.
Then click on Memory.
Now click on Memory used by apps.
This list gives you 4 intervals (3 hours, 6 hours) of RAM Hours, 12 hours and 1 day).
This will let you know which mobile app uses RAM. How much is using.

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