Know the status of MyGov Corona Helpdesk, Covid-19 WhatsApp chatbot after a year, know

Know the status of MyGov Corona Helpdesk, Covid-19 WhatsApp chatbot after a year, know

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In March 2020, at the time of the start of the global Kovid-19 epidemic, the Indian government tried to take advantage of WhatsApp. A campaign was launched to make people aware through him. Work was done to alert new threats of viral and to remove doubts. To protect the citizens from fake and false news, the facility of MyGov Corona Helpdesk was given. They were told that this facility can be used to get instant and correct information related to the corona virus.

Artificial intelligence based information receiving medium was developed by a startup named Haptik. It was provided free to all WhatsApp users in English and Hindi languages. According to a senior official, now the users of this WhatsApp chatbot have crossed 30 million in India.

MyGov Corona Helpdesk a year later

Digital India CEO Abhishek Singh said in a virtual conference, “I first spoke with Haptik for a chatbot on 13 March 2020 and the service was launched 5-6 days after the approval from the Ministry of Health. Now, a year later MyGov Corona Helpdesk has turned into a vaccination dialogue mechanism and is also providing critical information about Co-WIN. “

Singh has thanked MyGov’s team, the government’s technical partner Haptik and the WhatsApp team for completing one year of MyGov Corona Helpdesk. They say that the result of strict collective hard work has come in the form of 3.15 crore users. He told that after the information about the service from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there has been a jump in the number of users.

How to make helpline use possible

To contact the helpline, citizens need to save the WhatsApp number 91 9013151515 to their phone and then can start chatting by typing ‘Hi’. Aaptik Vishwa, CEO of Haptik, says that the MyGov COVID-19 helpline has helped more than 3 crore Indians. Through it, people get immediate answers to the most important questions during the pandemic period.

We are grateful that MyGov and Facebook selected us as cooperative partners for this effort. According to the data provided on the Arogya Setu App, as of March 23, there were 3.45 lakh active cases in India. The MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot has modified 4.5 crore conversations on WhatsApp from users across the country and since the beginning of the helpline, the message has been delivered to 6.7 million people.

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