Laptop heats up during Work From Home?  This is how to overcome the problem of overheating

Laptop heats up during Work From Home? This is how to overcome the problem of overheating

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People are doing work from home in the Corona era. People now prefer to work on laptops more than PCs than before. It often happens that the laptop gets very hot while working. While working on the laptop, take care that it is not over-heat and if this is happening then work only by fixing it. & nbsp; Today we will tell you what are the reasons for overheating of laptop and how it can be fixed.

Laptop battery
Many times the cause of laptop heating is the laptop battery. If the battery of the laptop does not work then many times people charge the laptop for a long time or they keep running the laptop on charging all the time. Charging the battery for a long time causes the battery to heat up and for this reason the laptop also heats up. In such a situation, if the battery is going bad, then change it.

Keep the cooling fan clean
The laptop has a cooling fan and it is necessary to clean it from time to time to avoid heat up. Many a times, dust or dirt goes away in the laptop fan, which reduces its cooling. Even after this, if the laptop cooling fan does not work then fix it so that the laptop does not get overheated.

Keep the laptop in the right place
In the office, the laptop is always on the desk or computer table, but nowadays when people are working from home, many times we put it in the lap, on the bed. Or start working on a pillow which is wrong. Most laptops take air from below for cooling, in such a situation, the laptop should be placed in the right place to work for long time so that the air ventilation is correct and the CPU fan gets full air.

Keep the laptop clean
Cleaning the laptop is necessary both ways. To keep the laptop warm while working for a long time, clean the laptop completely every 2-3 days with a soft and clean cloth or clean the dirt with a laptop cleaner brush. Apart from this, for smooth functioning, remove the extra application from it. Due to the full memory of the laptop, it becomes slow and the processor is stressed, which causes it to heat up.

Rest the laptop too
If you keep the laptop on day and night, then it will be more heatup. After working during the day, give the laptop a rest, and if you are taking a long break, then put it on sleep mode. Many times if you keep the laptop on full time, it gets hotter than it. So shut down the laptop while sleeping.

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