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Computational Mechanics Laboratory LLC is the parent company of the CompMechLab® Group of Companies, a strategic partner of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (Spuy), a member of the project consortium of the NTI Center “New Production Technologies” based on the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies of Spuy – and Additive Works GmbH ( Germany) signed an official agreement on the distribution of the Amp Hyon software product in Russia, the CIS, the Baltic countries and Finland.

Additive technologies are a global trend of modern industry, allowing you to optimize the most complex forms, structures and designs – and in the shortest possible time to create a globally competitive product. That is why the employees of the Spuy NTI Center and CompMechLab® pay special attention to the development of competencies related to additive manufacturing, as well as the development of advanced computer engineering technologies for modeling and analyzing 3D printing processes.

Computational Mechanics Laboratory LLC is the winner of the National Industrial Award “Industry” in 2017, a participant in the federal megaproject “National Champions”, the parent company of CompMechLab® Group of Companies, is a technology partner of the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (IPPT) of Peter the Great St.

Additive Works GmbH is a German spin-out company of the University of Bremen and ISEMP (Integrative Simulation and Engineering of Materials and Processes) founded in 2015. The main mission of Additive Works employees is to develop flexible, convenient and multifunctional solutions for various industries to analyze, control and optimize 3D printing processes (additive manufacturing) and create light, durable and globally competitive parts / products / structures / products.

Additive Works is a member of the Altair HyperWorks Partner Alliance (APA), being a technology partner of the American vendor Altair Engineering Inc. and its subsidiary solid Thinking Inc.

For the first time in Russia, the Amp Hyon software product was presented at the Altair Partner Alliance exhibition held by Altair Engineering, Inc. together with LLC Laboratory “Computational Mechanics” of the Second Technology Conference Altair Act Russia in St. Petersburg on December 01, 2017.


It should be noted that CompMechLab® has long and actively cooperated with Altair Engineering, the world leader in computer engineering, the developer of the unique software platform for multidisciplinary analysis Altair HyperWorks, using Altair software solutions in its developments, supplying licenses for HyperWorks software to enterprises and universities. and providing technical support to customers. As part of this partnership, two Altair Act Russia technology conferences have already been successfully held at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (Spuy).

On March 01, 2018, the official signing of a distribution agreement between Additive Works GmbH and Computational Mechanics Laboratory LLC (CompMechLab®) took place, as a result of which CompMechLab® Group became the first and only official distributor of the Amp Hyon software system in Russia, the CIS, the Baltic countries and Finland. This event was a recognition for CompMechLab® – a member of the consortium of the NTI Center of Spuy – leading positions among domestic engineering companies involved in the creation of globally competitive products.

The development of the German company Additive Works – Amp Hyon software – is already actively and widely used by world leaders in high-tech industry (Daimler AG, Liebherr Aerospace, Laser Centrum Nord, Audi AG, EOS GmbH) and has proven itself as an advanced solution for detailed Multiscale mathematical modeling and analysis technologies and processes of additive manufacturing. In particular, Amp Hyon allows you to display orientation maps of the printed model, evaluate the probability and level of warping during 3D printing, evaluate the quality of surfaces, perform mechanical-static calculations, etc.

The Amp Hyon system was designed to move away from experimental layer-by-layer growth methods and use computer engineering and detailed analysis of the additive manufacturing process to reduce the cost of the product, the time and energy spent on its manufacture. Technologies for fast numerical simulation and analysis of the growing process, embedded in the technological chain of the enterprise, can significantly improve the quality of the surface and the accuracy of the geometry of the designed product without additional user actions.

Stefan Hermann, Representative of Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH, testifies to the effectiveness of this software product: “Thanks to Amp Hyon, the additive manufacturing process has become more visible, and control over the layer-by-layer growth of complex parts is much more efficient, which allows us to implement advanced 3D printing technologies. to the aerospace industry much faster.”

Amp Hyon consists of several modules that are designed to pre-process the model and enhance the analysis of the additive manufacturing process. At the same time, the configuration of the modules is selected in accordance with the needs of a particular customer.

Having just appeared on the Russian market, Amp Hyon has already aroused high interest among enterprises of various industries, which are increasingly in need of such solutions due to the growing popularity of additive manufacturing.

The mission of the CompMechLab® Group of Companies as a key member of the Spuy NTI Center consortium is the accumulation and development of best-in-class technologies to ensure the global competitiveness of domestic leading companies in the global NTI markets and in high-tech industries. CompMechLab® Group, which specializes in solving complex multidisciplinary problems for various industries, has the best advanced technologies and world-class competencies in the field of computer and supercomputer engineering, optimization and additive technologies, digital modeling and design, has a successful long-term experience in performing work in the interests of companies – leaders of the world and domestic industry.

The CompMechLab® team has licenses for the widest range of CAD/CAE/CFD/FSI/MBD/EMA/CAO/CAM/CAAM/HPC technologies used by the world’s largest industrial concerns. The existing arsenal of software products used by CompMechLab® engineers includes the developments of such global players in the computer technology market as Altair Engineering, solid Thinking, Descartes, Kristof, Key To Metals, Simple ware, Creech System, and now Additive Works.