Lenovo Unveils New Devices at IFA: Smart Technology for All

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Lenovo unveiled a full line of new YOGA computers at Tech Life at IFA in Berlin. Lenovo YOGA Premium PCs are renowned for their high performance and unique multimedia features that are appreciated by users around the world. When a leader in the PC segment works with the best partners in the industry, it delivers innovative products.

Lenovo today teamed up with Intel® to unveil concept new notebooks that are compatible with the Project Athena1 platform. The new Lenovo YOGA is a new class of devices: the thinnest, lightest and most intuitive notebooks with AI support, powered by the latest Intel® processors running Windows 10.

The new models YOGA C940, YOGA C740 and YOGA S740 are available in both 14 and 15 inches (i.e. six models), and the updated YOGA S940 received a new generation of processors and a touch screen (optional).

The updated YOGA devices now have exclusive smart features that are part of the Lenovo Smart Assistant software. Solutions like Super Resolution and Q-Control provide up to 20% more battery life. Super Resolution enhances video quality from 720p to Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) 1080p in Windows Media Player2, while Q-Control, named after a key on the device, activates an intelligent cooling mode that manages power consumption and coolers depending on the tasks that are performed on a laptop. In addition, the models are equipped with Modern Standby mode, which allows YOGA notebooks to perform background tasks in sleep mode (for example, receive emails), as well as instantly exit from it.

The new Lenovo YOGA has received support for Amazon’s voice assistant – Alexa3. To improve the way you get to know, Lenovo is introducing 3 new features for the Alexa voice assistant on PC:

Supports “Lock Screen Mode”: You can talk to Alexa even when the laptop lid is closed – Alexa will respond instantly. At the same time, when using the voice assistant with the display turned on, pop-up notifications appear at the bottom of the laptop.
Updated visuals for the smart home. Several YOGA3 series devices have the familiar visual elements that everyone is used to seeing when controlling smart home elements using the Alexa voice assistant when using a mobile application.
Multilingual support. Alexa can recognize commands in different languages ​​without having to change the corresponding settings in the app, in particular, it supports German and English.
The 14-inch Lenovo YOGA C940 is a 2-in-1 laptop that delivers high performance and eye-catching design thanks to its CNC aluminum metal chassis. The novelty supports solutions such as a Triblock Privacy camera shutter, support for biometric authentication using Windows Hello and a fingerprint scanner, as well as a digital pen that is inserted into a special connector in a laptop where it is charged. Q-Control1 mode is responsible for intelligent use of coolers depending on user tasks by pressing Function-Q to activate. Lenovo YOGA C940 is capable of working in video viewing mode up to 17.5 hours at Full HD screen resolution, and up to 10.5 hours at 4K5 screen resolution.

When the laptop lid is open, the Alexa voice assistant instantly answers your request, even if the device screen is locked. The flagship device features blazing fast Wi-Fi 66 and Dolby Vision®8 technology, and features an updated four-speaker rotating sound bar with Dolby Atoms® support. The clever camera protrusion makes it easy to open the YOGA C940’s 14 ”polished aluminum lid, available in Iron Gray or Mica.

The new Lenovo YOGA C940 (15-inch) is a 2-in-1 laptop with a recognizable design, a special webcam protrusion for better opening of the lid, a digital pen that fits into a special charging connector, Triblock Privacy shutter, support Authenticate with Windows Hello or a fingerprint reader to keep your sensitive data safe. The laptop is productive, supports the most modern wireless standard Wi-Fi 66, has the latest “chips” of the voice assistant Alexa3. In addition, the laptop allows for fast photo and video editing thanks to Intel Core i9 processors (maximum configuration), equipped with 4K VESA400 HDR or Full HD HDR screens, the brightness of which is 500 nits.

It features an innovative 4-speaker rotating sound bar with Dolby Atoms technology that takes laptop audio to the next level. Combined with a Dolby Vision display and a comfortable backlit keyboard with a dedicated numeric keypad, the YOGA C940 delivers an incredible user experience with up to 12 hours5 of entertainment time (when configured with a Full HD display).

The YOGA S740 (14-inch) is also all-aluminum, is powered by 10th Gen Intel Core processors, a backlit keyboard, IR camera and fingerprint reader for login, and TOF sensor support. The YOGA S740 is incredibly light and thin: it weighs only 1.4 kg and has a maximum thickness of only 18.1 mm for the 14 ”version. The model is optionally available with a 4K VESA400® HDR display with Dolby Vision support9 and speakers that reproduce great sound thanks to Dolby Atmos. The customer can choose the NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics card.  The device is suitable for all family members, including the youngest, for whom you can set a time limit for working at the computer.

In the YOGA S740, everything is thought out to the smallest detail: the IR camera automatically recognizes when the owner is not near the laptop and automatically locks the screen. And if a video is playing and the laptop “sees” that the user is not nearby, the computer pauses the video and automatically starts playing it when the owner returns.

The user can activate Q-Control to enable the intelligent mode of coolers and battery consumption, depending on the task at hand. The 14-inch YOGA S740 lasts up to 14 hours5 on a single battery charge and supports Rapid Charge technology (for Full HD screen configuration only). Users can upscale video to Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) in Windows Media Player and speak to Alexa from anywhere in the room3, even when the laptop is closed, and receive additional notifications when the laptop lid is open.

Combined with an excellent 15-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) display with HDR technology and 500 nits brightness and thoughtful solutions such as the Triblock Privacy shutter, this laptop with impressive battery life is an indispensable companion. Listening to music, watching videos and enjoying crystal-clear sound is now possible with Dolby Atoms, along with Smart Amp, designed to amplify voice and audio effects in a slim body.