LG: 2020 is the year of speed and empathy

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– This year has become the year of unity and the opportunity to understand how sensitive we are to each other, how quickly we can rebuild. After all, it was cohesion that made it possible for people to work effectively in new circumstances, in spite of the external environment and a difficult information field.

Of course, we saw this year somewhat differently in our plans. But the adjustments made spurred us to implement both the assigned tasks and to do more than we had planned.

You see, we are not used to working in new conditions. We are one of the very few companies that successfully changed the Goldstar brand to LG in the mid-90s. We pioneered the opening of a plant in the Moscow region, considered the largest in Europe, which united the production of televisions, washing machines and refrigerators. And it is important that we did this within a year from the laying of the first stone.

LG was one of the first to launch its own branded service in ’95, and has produced products or technologies that are consistently new to the market that have become a brand name for the company, like the LG Steeler or OLED TV.

The speed of change has also become an important trend for us, because in difficult, sometimes critical periods, the ability to change and speed come to the fore. We were able to anticipate changing preferences and realized the importance of proximity to the consumer.


During the pandemic, the service department offered customers a two-hour range of service: during the selected day for the visit of the master, it became much more convenient for people to plan their time. For this, LG Electronics became the laureate of the annual Consumer Rights and Service Quality Award for the fourth time.

2020 was also an opportunity to take a different look at the company’s scientific developments and understand that in recent years LG has become not only an industry giant, but also a developer of new solutions that people so much need in the field of health, remote work and home entertainment.

It was during this difficult time that we managed to understand much deeper Generation Z, who share our views on life, on social responsibility. After all, the request for sincerity comes precisely from this generation, it is like a barometer of society.

The LG team The time of isolation also shaped society’s demand for empathy. Of course, it was already in its infancy, but everyone, without exception, was shocked by the joint feat of doctors and volunteers, which gave rise to a wonderful slogan and the movement #We are Together.

In such a difficult time in February, July and September, we did not change the donor day schedules and social media activity encouraging blood donation. This is the only way to help and leave a mark on the history of good deeds.

LG has got its own new symbol, the DNA of goodness, the fingerprint of a donor, a life-saving person, which emerged as a collaboration with renowned designer Igor Chaperon.

Actually, we named our whole company of awareness and hope from LG #LGLifeIsGood. And we think it is important that it has also become a unifying factor across generations: both young people (Z) and older people (Y and X). Our conversation with different audiences through the visual image and donor days gave us the opportunity to say #Stay Donor and #Thank Doctor.

Museums have also become vulnerable to isolation. The temporary closure of cultural institutions made it possible to look for new approaches so that art would enter every home. Thus, our ultra-premium brand LG SIGNATURE began cooperation with the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Pushkin Museum). Thanks to our joint work and the creation of a series of virtual tours on the platform of the IVI online cinema based on the masterpieces of the Impressionists.

art is truly digitized and reaches the most remote cities of Russia. This also corresponds to the digital direction of the national project “Culture” and is implemented with the information support of the ANO “National Priorities”, with which a corresponding memorandum was signed.

What was the biggest surprise for LG due to the pandemic?

– A company is people and properly built processes. But if the team is adaptive, and there is an effective dialogue between the top officials of the company and employees, then any task is solved promptly.

Therefore, we were able not only to survive the period of the pandemic without losses, but also to find new directions in development. Of course, very serious work was done by the HR department, legal department, and financial department. Anticipating the transition to remote work, we focused on IT solutions and immediately “moved” to a new form of work, moreover, the employees had full medical support (tests for COVID-19 are regularly carried out, people are provided with protective equipment, medical services). Back in 2019, no one expected such a global phenomenon, but we mobilized and were able to work in the proposed circumstances. Of course, we understand that the whole world found itself in a similar situation, it was very difficult for us to survive the temporary shutdown of the plant in the Moscow region, like most enterprises in the country. We have done everything in our power to create the most comfortable working climate in the company.