Do not search on Google, forgetting it, may have to suffer huge loss

Do not search on Google, forgetting it, may have to suffer huge loss

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The use of the Internet has seen an increase in the coronary period. Along with this, cases of online fraud are also increasing rapidly. Hackers make the most victims of Google on users. On Google, we often search for such information which is harmful for us. Hackers keep staring at these searches and as soon as you search them you become a victim of their fraud. We are telling you about some search that you should not do.

Do not get bank information
Online banking and transactions have increased more than ever in the Corona era. It has many advantages and disadvantages. Hackers who fraud online create a URL like a bank. After this, whenever we enter the name of that bank, we get caught in their net and steal money from our account. Therefore, always take information about the bank from Google’s official website.

Do not search customer care number
We often search on Google for any customer care number. Most people are victims of online fraud because of this. Hackers create fake website of the company and put their number and email id on Google and we give them the information sought. By which they make a dent in our account. We should not forget to search any customer care number on Google. Take the customer care number from the company’s official website.

Do not follow Google Doctor
Often, many people consider Google as a doctor. In case of any disease, they put their symptoms and start searching for medicines. Do not forget this too. It also threatens your life. It is not wrong to collect information about the disease, but according to any website on Google, its treatment or taking medicines can prove very harmful.

Get information about schemes from the government website itself
The Central Government promotes Digital India and puts information about all the schemes on the Internet. These schemes have their own website, from where you can get all the information related to that plan. Often cyber criminal frauds make fake websites like government websites. We also need to avoid this.

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