Location can be tracked even after the service is off, know how to completely close the location

Location can be tracked even after the service is off, know how to completely close the location

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Nowadays it is quite easy to track the location of anyone. There are many such apps in your smartphone which are based on location service. Many times we want to hide our location and we feel that no one will know our location by turning off the service location. But this is your misunderstanding. Even after closing the service location, your background location information is shared with Google. By which anyone can find your location. & nbsp;

Let us know that Google tracks the location based on the applications and service used in your phone. Google also works to track location with IP addresses. In such a situation, simply turning off the location service of your smartphone will not work.

How to completely turn off location service?

For this, first you have to avoid Google tracking your location. You will have to turn off the web and app activity from Google account in your phone. Know the complete process
1- First you go to your phone and login on Google at https://myactivity.google.com/.
2- After that you can select the option of activity control from the left navigation panel. Choose. & Nbsp;
3- Now you will see many activities here. Turn off any of these activities that you want to turn off. & Nbsp;
4- After this, make sure that you have stopped the service of Web & App Activity and Location History. & nbsp;

With this you can also manage location and history details shared with Google. To do this, you have to go back to the My Activity homepage and select the option of Delete Activity. You have to select any option in the last hour, day, all-time and custom range. Now click the Next button. Today, service based details can also be filtered and deleted. You can also manage Android smartphones from this setting. You Settings & gt; Google & gt; You can control your activity by going to Manage Your Data and Personalization.


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