Location history can be deleted in this way from the phone

Location history can be deleted in this way from the phone

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Google Tips: Today Google has become an important part of every person’s life in some way or the other. Whether it is office or home, computer or phone, or whether it is to find something for fun and to apply navigation to go somewhere, Google is present everywhere. Google is present in every Android phone. Apart from this, it comes as the default browser in iOS and macOS. While Google eases our path in many ways, in some cases it also increases our problems. An important thing in this episode is tracking our location by Google.

Location tracking side effects

Due to location access, Google keeps an eye on your every move. Apart from this, mobile data and battery also drain very quickly. This can be a problem for those people who are out on long journeys from home, who do not have the option of charging the phone on the way. Apart from this, it can also create problems for you at the place where you want to hide your travel history. If any member of your household has access to your phone, he will easily know when and where you went. In such a situation, how to avoid this problem is the big question. Let us tell you some tricks, with the help of which you can stop Google from tracking your location.

Change the setting like this

Here we are telling you some such tricks for different platforms, through which you can easily stop Google from tracking your location.

google chrome

  • Go to the menu of Google Chrome and click on the option of setting there.
  • After this, come down and go to the option of Advanced Settings.
  • Here in the content setting, you will see a popup.
  • Now scroll down to the Location section. Here you have to click on Don’t allow any site to track your physical location.


  • First go to the Settings tab.
  • Here on the right side you will see an option, on which it will be written ‘Places you have been’. You have to click on the pause option given here.
  • After this, by clicking on the option of Manage History, you can delete personal travel history from Location History.
  • If you want to delete the history of only one day, then go to the calendar and select that day and delete the history of that day.
  • If you want to delete all history then click on delete all history.


  • Click on the Settings option on your Android phone.
  • Now go to the section with location reporting and click on off option.
  • After this find the location history option and go there and click on off.
  • You can also click on Delete Location History there.


  • After clicking on the Settings option on your iPhone, go to the Privacy section.
  • Then click on Location Services.
  • Here you will see the first option turn the location on-off. To stop location tracking, you have to click on Off.
  • Now scroll down to check which app you have allowed to track your location.
  • By going to that app, you can turn off the option of tracking location from the setting.
  • However, keep in mind that never disable the Find My iPhone / iPad option. This will make it difficult to locate the phone in case of loss.
  • Now scroll down in Settings and click on System Service option.
  • Here you can disable every option except cell network search.

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