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Xiaomi has slowed down dramatically in terms of smartphones launched over the past year, although certainly the events of 2020 have left a lot of things out. Whereas all fast paced people have become less new models at Rs. At an estimated 15,000 locations, the company revived its premium Mi lineup with the ambitious Mi 10 and Mi 10 T models, priced at around Rs 500. 35,000 to Rs. 45,000. According to the company, it also planned to launch another model called Mi 10i, but it was delayed. Now, Xiaomi says that she is ready to meet the family.

Mi 10i price in India and under various conditions

Mi 10i phone base price in India is Rs. 20,999, and you get 64GB of storage in addition to 6GB of RAM. This version is not currently listed for sale, and will be available later. Oddly, you get 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage in a single phone for Rs. 21,999 which is only Rs. Another 1,000, it seems pointless to make the base different. If you want to expand 8GB of RAM with 128GB of storage, you can choose a third variant that costs Rs. 23,999.

Xiaomi has managed to reduce the One Plus Nord (review), but with 256 GB of storage it is not an option that is a bit disappointing, especially given that if you want to use it if you do, you Nano will lose another place for SIM. Micro SD card With this slight price difference, many people will choose the top end version.

Mi 10i design

Mi 10i is 9 mm thick and weighs 214.5 grams. All MI10 siblings have one thing in common that they have 6.67-inch screens, although Mi 10i has a completely flat panel without rounded sides. There is a hole in the top center of the screen for the front camera, and is much larger and more attractive than the one used for viewing.

Three finishes will be available – bright but close to ocean blue and midnight black, and a very spectacular Pacific sunrise, with a matte finish and a color gradient that goes from blue to top, blue to bottom, orange. goes . This is the version that Xiaomi will use for its marketing push, and this is what I have to review. It somewhat resembles a beach or horizon landscape. I noticed that it is not very sensitive to fingerprints or smoke, but it may be more sensitive to other color options.

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Mi 10i

Mi 10i description

On the front and center, we have a 6.67-inch full-HD + (1080×2400) 120Hz HDR10 + LCD display.  Maximum brightness is only 450nits and color reproduction is limited to 84% NTSC aspects, which is not very good. Nevertheless, I had no trouble using it on a daily basis and the display has enough quality to enjoy video and games. You may not feel like you’re losing too much, especially if you don’t like over-saturated colors.

An obvious feature is the adaptive refresh rate, which can scale between 30 Hz and 120 Hz in six steps. According to Xiaomi, the panel will automatically match whatever content is playing, for example if you are watching a 24fps movie it will change to 48fps. The TV Rainland Certification is available for blue light emission, and you can not only choose your preferred color saturation, but also manually adjust the white balance.

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The Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G is a relatively modern SoC, and the only other phone used so far in India is the Moto G5G. This chip is more advanced than the Snapdragon 765G and has some advantages over the ARM Cortex-A77 design based on the ARM Cortex-A77 design, rather than the Cortex-A76 based Crew 475 core. In addition to these two cores, there are six more performance Cortex-A55 cores.

Mi 10i software

Mi 10i comes with a heavily optimized MIUI 12.0.3 interface for Android 10 and Xiaomi. My unit had a November 2020 security patch, but received a December update that should be sent to retail units. The initial setup process is quite simple, and you can adjust your preferences later, no matter what you choose.


Mi 10i

Mi 10i display

There is really no question about whether today’s mid-range and premium phones perform well – Mi 10i goes beyond the point where it is in doubt. Use is very easy and you should have no trouble using it during the day. The screen refresh rate is set to 60 Hz by default, and there is a slight noticeable improvement from scroll and side to side swiping. The only obstacle is the weight and weight of the phone. After holding it in one hand for a few minutes I felt a little tired on my wrist.

The fingerprint sensor is quite narrow, and if you’re left-handed, using the size of this phone is awkward. I rarely have trouble using my right thumb, but my left finger is never in the queue. Face recognition was also quick, but the setup UI warns users that it is far more secure than using a PIN or pattern, and that an image of you could possibly be used to unlock the phone. is.

Mi 10i camera

The 8-megapixel f / 2.2 ultra wide camera, 2-megapixel macro camera and 2-megapixel depth sensor are exactly what I would expect to see on a phone that costs around Rs 500. 10,000. It seems that they are shining only because the “quad camera” is one such selling point these days. 4K is video recording up to 30fps and slow motion video at 960fps but at 720p.