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Micromax Canvas Nitro Review, software, display and specifications

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We tested Micromax Canvas Nitro to see if it could compete with heavyweight brands such as Motorola, Asus and the stunning Star Xiaomi.

Look and feel

We had an immediate response with Micromax Canvas Nitro weighing 146g, it felt heavier than other options in this price range. Micromax Canvas Nitro‘s rear looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (review | photos), which has an incorrect leather finish. The front is mostly undivided, with a 5-inch screen occupying mostly real estate. In fact, the phone looks very complicated and does nothing to attract attention.

We have received the white version for review but this phone is also available in dark blue. There is very little travel between the two body buttons. The 3.5mm audio jack can be found on the top of the phone, and a microUSB port at the bottom for data transfer and charging. At the top of the screen is a notification LED, a front camera, and an airspace. Micromax has decided to go with backlit capacitive buttons, but they are not equally burnt. The rear cover can be easily removed and one can find one battery, two slots for micro SIM card and one slot for microSD card.

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Micromax Canvas Nitro

Specifications and software

The Micromax Canvas fits Nitro with an octa-core Meditech MT6592 processor, which runs at 1.7 GHz and has an integrated Mali-450 GPU. Canvas Nitro also has 2 GB RAM. Out of the 8 GB internal storage space, only 5.68 GB is available for users but you can expand it up to 32 GB using a microSD card.

The phone accepts two micro SIM cards and is connected to the 850/900/1800/1900/2100 network band. A 2500mAh battery provides the device with juice. A 5-inch 720p display with vibrant colors and good viewing angles is great for the most part, but things get downhill when viewed in sunlight. The screen is very reflective and we had a hard time using it because of this phone.

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For starters, Micromax added a quick look page to the left of the home screen. QuickLock is nothing more than Micromax’s attempt to mimic HTC’s empty feed, which is based on Flipboard itself. Another swipe of the QuickLock page shows the settings where anyone can choose which title the feeds display. Anyone can add Facebook and Twitter accounts for consideration in the feed. In addition, whenever an article is opened, the background of the text has a strange blue color, which is difficult to read.

Micromax Canvas Nitro

The camera

The 13-megapixel camera on Micromax Canvas Nitro is the best example of why megapixel counts don’t matter. The phone’s lens and sensor clearly do no justice. As a result, when viewed at actual size, it is clear that the captured images do not have much detail. Upon closer inspection, one can see the blue color for the images, meaning that the white balance is off. The only downside is that the camera can focus and shoot images really fast.

The captured video is recorded in .3GP format for some reason and its quality is really poor. The camera could not focus on any subject, and the video was very slow. Surprisingly, the 5-megapixel front camera fixed focus can capture decent images, but it is not as good as the Sony Xperia C3 Dual.

Micromax has added a camera widget to one of the home screens, allowing the user to access the camera directly in several ways. Selfie mode is self-explanatory. Front-back mode captures images with both cameras and displays them in a separate crane. We fail to understand the novelty of this format and think that Micromax may block the shape in the test and test image used by other smartphone companies.

There is a static mode in which reading like a heart rate monitor at the top of the screen shows you when the device is stable enough for shooting. The camera app itself offers a lot of great options, such as the word “cheese” to capture an image. (Which did not work most of the time). In addition, there are some manual controls. But it is annoying to hide deep in frequently used methods such as the HDR settings menu.

Micromax Canvas Nitro


We had no hiccups when we use Micromax Canvas Nitro every day. It is a smooth transition and works quite well. It is a great smartphone experience. We also tried advanced games like Asphalt 8 and Dead Trigger 2, and we didn’t get any breaks.

We were all floor on display of Canvas Nitro Battery. It managed to play the video in a loop for 16 hours and 9 minutes before dying. It has an exceptional battery life and this single company of performance is enough to compete with many buyers for this phone.