Microsoft's Teams App launched personal version, use to stay connected with friends and family

Microsoft’s Teams App launched personal version, use to stay connected with friends and family

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Microsoft has given a big gift to the users of its communication app Teams. Actually, Microsoft has launched a personal version of this app, through which users can now use this app to stay connected with their friends and family. On the Teams app, users will be able to make voice and video calls for 24 hours. Up to 300 people can be connected simultaneously on both types of calls.

Prior to this, only the business version of this app was available. After which Microsoft tested the personal version of Teams on Android and iOS platforms a year ago. Like the business version, it also has all the features, including chat, video calls, location and file sharing. Users can also use it as a mobile and desktop app along with the web.

Users doubled in last one year

During Corona epidemic, the trend of online work mode from education to job is also big. According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, the number of active users of Microsoft Teams has doubled to 145 million in the last one year. This is the reason that the company has added more than 300 new features to its app in the last one year. According to the information, after the Corona epidemic, Microsoft can set a 60-minute limit for group calls up to 100 people. However, if only two people join the call, then they can make voice and video calls continuously for 24 hours.

Let us know that users can join virtual calls on Microsoft Teams without Microsoft account or Teams app. Microsoft can invite people through host links on Teams. This link can be accessed directly from the web browser. This feature works like Zoom, Google Meet and other video conferencing platforms. According to a report, in the personal version of Teams, Microsoft has approved the use of its simultaneous mode to the users.

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