Microsoft's web browser Internet Explorer will be closed next year, 5 percent of people don't even use it

Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer will be closed next year, 5 percent of people don’t even use it

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Microsoft has finally announced the date of closing its web browser Internet Explorer. According to the company, after 15 June 2022, its web browser will be closed. The company has taken this decision with the aim of promoting the use of its other web browser Microsoft Edge. However, this does not mean that users will not be able to use Internet Explorer. By closing, the company means that it will not release any technical support and updates for this from next year.

Microsoft Edge program manager Sean Lindersay released a statement saying, “We declare that Microsoft Edge will be the future of Internet Explorer in our operating system Windows 10. Internet Explorer 11 will be shut down on June 15, 2022 And after that, users will not get any kind of technical support and updates from the company for it. “

Internet Explorer is shutting down after 27 years for this reason

Microsoft released its web browser Internet Explorer on 16 August 1995. But due to less usage by users, now the company is going to close it after 27 years. Explain that, Internet Explorer is already installed in all laptops and desktops using the operating system Windows. However, only five per cent of the people use it. One of the main reasons for its low usage is the popularity of other web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox among users.

Keeping this competition in mind, the company announced its new web browser Microsoft Edge some time ago. A preview of this has been released in January this year. This new web browser from Microsoft supports all Windows and MacOs. The company has made big claims regarding its speed and performance. Also, inbuilt privacy and security will be available in it.

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