Tips: Even after theft of the smartphone, you can delete the data like this, know this easy trick

Never reset the smartphone like this, a mistake can be huge

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Due to the lockdown, the use of smartphones has increased and due to excessive use, the phone often hangs. Factory reset seems to be a better option when the smartphone hangs. To factory reset any mobile means that all the existing data in it gets deleted. But it is very important to keep some things in mind while doing factory reset or else it can prove to be very harmful. How to reset mobile phone correctly. Let us know what things should be taken care of while resetting the smartphone.

data will be deleted
Before factory resetting your smartphone, know that it will delete all the data on your phone. Along with the data, all the existing apps, data, settings, passwords will be deleted in the phone. After factory reset, your phone will be just like it was new.

take full backup
Whenever you factory reset your smartphone, before that take a backup of the important data of the phone. You can save your data in another smartphone or by connecting the phone to the laptop. Apart from this, you should save your data in the memory card. After this, go to the settings and save the data of your phone as a backup in the memory card.

How to do a factory reset
Remember that the operating system of every smartphone is different and hence there are different settings for resetting every phone. So to reset the phone, go to its settings, go to privacy or backup and reset option and select factory reset. After that select Reset phone. Your phone will be reset.

keep these things in mind
Keep in mind that repeatedly factory resetting the phone has a bad effect on the internal storage. So do a factory reset only when absolutely necessary. If the smartphone is hanging, then delete the non-essential apps from it.

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