Best LG TVs of 2022

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In recent years, LG has significantly increased its share of the European market, significantly outperforming its competitors. This led to the emergence of new types of televisions and an updated classification. If you do not know how to purchase a TV from this company, you need to start by deciphering the lines.

the first digits always represent the size, which in the TVs of the specified brand can vary from 32 to 88 inches.
immediately after the designation of the standard size is the screen production technology. A few years ago, instead of the Latin letter in the new LG TVs, they immediately began to indicate the technology (OLED, NANO, etc.).
Subsequent letters and numbers indicate the number of options (series and model range), tuner type, region. It is important to understand that the models before 2018 had a completely different marking, but they have already lost their relevance, and we will not compare.

LG 32LQ630B6LA

Opens the Top 10 LG TVs budget model 32LQ630B6LA, the size of which is only suitable for use in the kitchen or in a small bedroom. I am glad that this screen with a resolution of 1360 by 768 pixels supports its own SMART system, and you can use the Internet, respectively. Surprisingly, there are 3 HDMI ports available, there is a USB input as well as LAN. The panel has support for HDR10, but that’s hard to appreciate given the size of the display. The sound power is 10 W, and it is extremely difficult to find fault with the quality of the speakers. For the kitchen, where it is constantly noisy, in principle, enough.

LG 32LM6370

LG’s 32LM6370 line-up of low-cost smart TVs adds to the list of low-cost smart TVs, which has a number of useful technologies, including Time Shift. Among other things, the manufacturer has taken care of the high sound quality, which is confirmed by the support of the Dolby Audio option.  For the kitchen, a more “melodic” TV cannot be found (in fact).  There is Dynamic Color and Active HDR technology. The backlight is budgetary, like the LCD matrix itself, but the resolution corresponds to the Full HD format.

LG 43UP8100

Continuing the discussion of LG’s budget TVs with a good picture, you should pay attention to the 43UP8100 4K line with LED backlighting based on IPS technology. These aspects determine the relatively low price of the invention. At the same time, the 43-inch panel attracts with a lot of useful options, which partly managed to level the budget components. In particular, Active HDR technology improves the perception of the picture. Good acoustics and a stable 4-core processor are implemented. Among other things, it should be noted the presence of 10 W speakers with support for the AI ​​Sound option. According to user reviews, you can understand that the TV has good software, including a proprietary system and compatibility with other gadgets through Thin.


Probably one of LG’s best Nano Cell TVs in terms of value for money is the 43NANO75 series, which sells out pretty quickly. At a price similar to LCD TVs, here we see a sharper picture with a good viewing angle, brightness level and higher color reproduction. At the same time, the 4K TV supports the entire list of modern features: from HDR Dolby Vision to the game mode. Accordingly, you can count on a reduced delay, good smoothness. All the necessary modules are provided, including Miracast and Airplay for comfortable control of the TV using your smartphone. The sound power is not very high, and is 10 W, but we have no complaints about the quality.

LG 50UP7700

LG’s best 50-inch TV is the 50UP7700 series, which has a cinematic mode called FILMMAKER MODE and a wide range of gaming options. Moreover, there is a special Game Optimizer mode designed to reduce ALLM latency. A small budget TV supports 4K resolution, Active HDR technology and Bluetooth Surround. Many praised the neat design, as well as the good sound of the display. At the same time, the low cost is justified by the support of a simple LED backlight, which does not allow revealing the potential in terms of brightness.


The LG TV rating is replenished with the B1 line, based on OLED technology. In this case, we are talking about a 55-inch screen with many useful features for gamers. In particular, it should be noted support for Nvidia G-Sync and premium AMD FreeSync. These are extremely important features for synchronization with game consoles. Among other things, it should be noted the extremely low input delay, which does not exceed 1 millisecond. The refresh rate of the picture is 120 Hz, from which we can conclude that the panel produces an extremely smooth picture. Another advantage is HDR technology Dolby Vision IQ. The gaming TV received powerful acoustics and low power consumption.



If you don’t know which LG OLED TV to choose, we recommend that you evaluate the features of the OLED65C1 line, which has received all the modern features and excellent technical specifications. In particular, the panel of the C1 series boasts good 40 W acoustics with an active subwoofer, a convenient air gun, and Airplay 2 technology. This TV series stands out from the background of cheaper analogues with a very smooth range, which is argued by the support for a frame rate of 120 Hz. Users appreciated the wide viewing angles and high level of brightness. Stable operation is supported by the A9 processor and webs 6.0 Smart TV system. It is important to note that this TV has a real 10-bit OLED matrix without any “pseudo”.