New feature coming in WhatsApp, stickers will be seen as soon as you type

New feature coming in WhatsApp, stickers will be seen as soon as you type

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Now your chatting experience on WhatsApp is going to be even more fun. Soon a new feature is coming on WhatsApp, in which you will get the stickers decoration. This feature is working fast. After typing in this feature, you will suggest WhatsApp sticker based on your typed word. That is, all you have to type is the sticker you want to send to someone in your chat.

Let us know that this feature of WhatsApp is in testing mode right now. After the sticker decoration feature comes, it will be released for both Android and iOS.

According to the report, as soon as you chat with someone on WhatsApp, you will see stickers associated with it as you type the word. On typing, you will get a flash notification that you will see all the stickers as soon as you tap.

WhatsApp is also working on the inhouse sticker to make chatting experience great for users. Let me tell you that only through third party app, WhatsApp gets sticker support. But after the introduction of this new feature, you will also get WhatsApp inhouse emoji. However, this feature is currently in beta testing mode. But soon it will be launched for everyone.

WhatsApp provided sticker support during the first chatting in 2018. But this facility is available only through third party. After this WhatsApp also has the facility to create its own sticker. & Nbsp; In the year 2020, the company also included a feature of sticker search. Now, chatting on WhatsApp will become even more fun after the introduction of the new feature.


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