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Analysts unanimously repeat: gaming video cards do not sell well. NVIDIA’s bet on the latest technology didn’t work, gamers want more performance at a lower price. Perhaps the situation will somehow be corrected by the release of budget GeForces, at least the same GeForce GTX 1660 It. Find out which graphics card is best for your new home PC in the March issue of Computer of the Month.

The next issue of “Computer of the Month” is traditionally released with the support of the Regard computer store, which has representative offices with the possibility of picking up goods in Moscow. In addition, on the site you can always arrange delivery to anywhere in our country.

“Regard” among users is famous for quite adequate prices for computer components and a large selection of products. In addition, the store has a free assembly service: you make a configuration – the company’s employees assemble it.

A small addition. Regard is our advertising partner, and it is quite obvious that such cooperation is beneficial for both us and the store. Since we have certain obligations, I cannot refer to other trading platforms in the same tables in Computer of the Month, such as Yandex. Market, City link, DNS, Computer universe and others. It is strange that not everyone understands this moment.

In any case, all the builds displayed in the “Computer of the Month” are just a guideline. Take components where it is more convenient / more profitable / easier for you. We read the article, compared it with offers and prices in stores in our city, and decided to buy device(s) — this is exactly the chain I see if you really need a new PC. Those who follow the rubric with the sole purpose of seeing how things are in our market and how gaming systems are evolving should not care at all where the data for this article comes from.

For beginners who still do not dare to “make” their own PC, a detailed step-by-step guide for assembling the system unit has been released.

If you remember, the shortage of Intel processors began in August last year. Even then, I was forced to abandon the use of the Core i3-8100 in the starting assembly and began to recommend “hyperpnea’s”. And if earlier, at a comparable price, the Intel system looked preferable, then in August the situation changed somewhat. Well, since the quad-core Ryzen 3 2300X is used in the launch assembly, the gap in the performance of the proposed systems has become even larger – in favor of AMD.

A detailed review of the Pentium Gold G5500 was published on our website, but the assembly uses the cheapest “hyperpnea” – Pentium Gold G5400. In comparison with the previous generation dual-core processors, this chip has not changed much. The processor still lacks support for AVX instructions and Turbo Boost technology. But the most important feature – Hyper-Threading – is present. It is the presence of four threads that makes the “golden” processor more or less relevant in modern games.

Just keep in mind that in projects such as GTA V, Watch Dogs 2, Assassin’s Creed: Origins and the like, “nuclear failure” will definitely make itself felt. Last August, I wrote the following words: “Therefore, if possible, still try to get a Core i3-8100 instead of a Pentium Gold G5500 …” So, please, do not do this. Now the Core i3-8100 in a boxed configuration costs 11,000 rubles (in OEM – 9,000 rubles).

For similar money, it is better to take a 6-core Ryzen 5 1600 with a cooler. I advise the Pentium Gold G5400 option primarily to those who need a gaming PC right now, but who do not want to pay 14,000 rubles for the Core i5-8400 and who, for some reason, do not want to contact AMD. Such a chip will allow you to wait out these difficult (for Intel) times, and then upgrade – perhaps even to a chip from the Coffee Lake Refresh family.

Interestingly, Intel will soon introduce new Pentium Gold chips. For example, the G5620 model will operate at 4 GHz. Just keep in mind that a dual-core from this will not cease to be a dual-core.

Also, motherboards based on the B365 Express chipset, made according to the 22-nm process technology, appeared on sale. The purpose of this chipset is to close a gap in the segment of inexpensive motherboards, the lack of which, according to some analysts, did not allow Intel to actively promote its new ninth generation processors.

At the same time, the chipset, like its 14-nm counterparts, remained within the 6 W thermal package, received 20 PCI Express 3.0 lanes and support for Windows 7, but was deprived of USB 3.1 Gen2 and the built-in Wireless AC module (like the Z390 Express). With overclocking, the new set of system logic is also not friendly. Our website has published a detailed review of the Airlock B365M Phantom Gaming 4 motherboard based on this chipset, in which you can get acquainted with its features, pros and cons.