“New technologies for a new generation”

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The most universal, complex technology, in our opinion, in the direction of social and communicative development is offered by N. P. Grishaeva.

At the final teachers’ council of the 2019-2020 academic year, teachers were given a summer task – to study the manual by N. P. Grishaeva “Modern technologies for the effective socialization of a child in a preschool.”

We understood that due to the current epidemiological situation and a number of restrictions on the construction of the pedagogical process, we would not be able to fully implement the technologies of effective socialization.

In our work this academic year, we use some of the technologies proposed by N.P. Grishaeva: the situation of the month, the reflexive circle, social actions, the problematic pedagogical situation.

Every month we work on a new topic with the children – this is the “Situation of the Month”, as a rule, we combine it with the topic of calendar and thematic planning, which allows us to integrate educational areas without additional changes in the daily routine. The structure of the situation of the month necessarily includes a diagnosis of the knowledge and behavior of children at the beginning of the situation and at the end.

We fill the developing object-spatial environment of the group with visual materials (illustrations, reproductions, etc.), activate the past experience of children in various forms (conversations, dramatization, productive activities, etc.), create problematic pedagogical situations (PPS), we develop collective projects.

use the themes of the situation in the work of all specialists of the preschool institution. In the work on the “Situation of the Month” we involve parents: we ask them to talk with the children at home, write down fairy tales, children’s statements, prepare costumes, gifts, treats. The culminating event of the “Situations of the Month” is a holiday showing what children have learned during this fruitful month, full of various forms of work.

Technology “Reflexive circle” – we use it at different times of the day: in the morning, after educational activities, in the evening. We conduct a reflection of activity, a reflection of mood and emotional state. As a result of communication with children, we can draw conclusions about their mood, their desires, difficulties and successes.

Children and the teacher, sitting on the carpet, are talking in a circle, discussing a topic.

Social actions are the means and way that allows you to really include parents in the life of the kindergarten. It is directly related to the “Situation of the Month” thematically and methodically, because allows you to fully develop self-regulation and self-determination in both children and adults in the process of its implementation.

Problematic pedagogical situation. The most important in the structure of the “Situation of the Month” is the “Problem Pedagogical Situation” (“PPS”) technology. Its purpose is self-determination of children in an emotionally tense situation, in which it is necessary to make their own decision without the participation of an adult, evaluate their actions, and learn from their own behavior. After the “PPP” it is necessary to conduct a “Reflexive circle”.

What did you do, what did you feel? What will you do next time? Using this technology in working with children, we were able to understand whether the child knows how to behave in an atypical situation; how a child develops feelings of empathy, empathy, sympathy.

The teacher, “moving away” from the situation, provides an opportunity for the child to independently solve the problem. And what is very important is that the child is given a second chance, if he did not cope with the situation for the first time, then after a discussion, after a while, a similar situation occurs again and the child is already more prepared for it, the child already has experience and knowledge about what to do.

It should be noted that the kindergarten website, the social network VKontakte, instant messengers and the remote format of some events became important tools in working with these technologies during this period.

Thus, introducing elements of the technology of effective socialization of N.P. Grishaeva, we made sure that they do not require the preparation of a large number of special materials. It is important to reconsider approaches to organizing the life of modern children in preschools. Today, together with the children, we are going through adaptation: we are seeing the birth of a friendly, close-knit team not only among children, but also among teachers. The initiative and creative activity of educators increased several times.

In a rapidly changing, progressive world and society, readiness for change, mobility, ability for non-standard work activities, responsibility and independence in decision-making should become the qualitative characteristics of a successful professional teacher. That’s why we choose New Technologies for a New Generation.

We plan to continue work in this direction – to expand the range of technologies for implementation in the practice of ECE.