Missed group calls on WhatsApp will be able to join in the middle, know what is its process

No unknown person will be able to add you to WhatsApp Group, just have to do this work

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WhatsApp Not only messaging and calling, but also gives a lot of features to its users. But often people complain that someone adds them to the group, in which they do not even want to be added. In this, even after you are added to the group without your consent, you can exit from it even if you want. In such a situation, today we are telling you about such a feature of the app, through which no one will be able to add you to the group without your consent.

To avoid being added to the group, make these changes in the setting

First of all click on Settings of your WhatsApp
After going to Settings, click on Accounts
Go to Privacy in the account and click on Group.
On clicking on the group, three options appear, one is Everyone, My Contacts and the third is My Contacts Except.
Meaning of Everyone in the Group- If the status of Everyone is visible in the group of Everyone, then it means that anyone can add you to their group. Whether that phone number is saved in your phone or not.

do this important work
If you click on My Contacts after going to the group, then your privacy will be turned on and not everyone can add your phone number to their WhatsApp group. If you do not want any unknown person to add you to their group, then click on My Contacts.

My Contacts Except
This is the third option in the group, clicking on which means that everyone from the contact list can add you to their group but except the phone numbers that you have selected. Actually, after clicking on this option, the contact list opens and if you want, you can select some numbers from which you do not want to be included in the group. Apart from your selected numbers, other people can add you to the group.

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