Now Google Map will tell eco-friendly routes, with pollution reduced, it will be beautiful view

Now Google Map will tell eco-friendly routes, with pollution reduced, it will be beautiful view

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Google Map has reduced the problems encountered in the paths to a great extent. Earlier, where there were difficulties during the journey on the routes, on any route can be easily accessed through Google Map. At the same time, this special app of Google is bringing another new service. Actually, Google map will now tell you which route has the least pollution or which route is the eco-friendly route. Where the least pollution will be, Google Map will take you right there. This new service was announced by Google yesterday.

The eco-friendly route will come first
Google started this new eco-friendly route service from the US this year. At the same time, this service is being started in many countries. Behind this, Google said that we are trying to reduce climate change through this. The company said that whenever searching a route in the map, the first eco-friendly route will come in default. On the question of the root being long, Google said that it will not take the root long, it will take that much time. If you do not have to go by eco-friendly route then you will also have another option.

These benefits will be
Google product director Russell Dicker said that we have just come to know about half the eco-friendly routes in the world, but we are looking for more routes that can complete people’s journey in less time and with less carbon emissions. . This will save people’s time and fuel, as well as great views will also be seen.

Updated Google paths
Russell said, “We have met the standards of the US Government’s National Renewable Energy Lab. We have used road grade data, street view, aerial, and satellite imagery. All Google paths have also been updated after this, So that people can be taken on eco-friendly routes. “

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