WhatsApp Multi-Device Support feature rolled out, know how it will work

Now the backup of chats of WhatsApp users will also be safe, the company has brought this special safety feature

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WhatsApp There is a good news for the users. Actually now the WhatsApp app will have more security than before. The company is offering end-to-end encrypted chat backup service for its Android and iOS users, so that your chats will remain very private. This feature will be rolled out to the users soon. Now the question is, how can we use it, so we are also telling you about it. Let us know how you can use this feature.

no one will be able to access
After this new feature of WhatsApp, if a user selects the option to back up his chat history with end-to-end encryption, then only he will be able to use this backup. Also no one will be able to unlock this backup. Even WhatsApp and its backup service providers will not be able to access this backup.

Will be available for Android and iOS
According to WhatsApp, with end-to-end encrypted backup, the company gives security to its users from sending messages to receiving and storing them in the cloud. The company has claimed that no other messaging service providers company on this scale gives so much security to its customers. This service will be available for both Android and iOS users.

use like this

  • To use this feature, first go to WhatsApp’s Settings
  • After this tap on the option of Chats here
  • Now after going to the chat option, click on Chat Backups
  • After doing this, go to End-to-End Encrypted Backup here and use it

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