Now transfer WhatsApp chat from one phone to another easily, you will get new feature soon

Now transfer WhatsApp chat from one phone to another easily, you will get new feature soon

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WhatsApp brings new features for its users from time to time. According to media reports, the WhatsApp chat & nbsp; migration and sync feature may come soon. This will work on many devices, this will make the messaging platform feature more user friendly.

Assuming a website reporting WhatsApp features, WhatsApp owned by Facebook will soon offer a chat transfer feature for its users. That is, after the introduction of this feature, you will be able to easily transfer your chat to another phone number. & Nbsp;

Currently, if you want to restore the backup of WhatsApp chat, then it is necessary for you to have the same old phone number and operating system as the old device. Chat migration feature from Android to iOS has been tested for a long time. Currently such feature is not on WhatsApp.

Now after testing the new feature, it is believed that WhatsApp also wants to allow its users to transfer the message to a new phone number. Also, a screenshot from the iOS-Android migration tool of WhatsApp has also surfaced. This will greatly benefit the users. Especially those users who want to change their phone.

You will be given an option, which allows & nbsp; chats to be transferred to another number. However, you will not be able to migrate chat history at any time. You will be able to do this only when you link a new Android phone to your WhatsApp account.

Tell you that after the arrival of this new feature, along with your chat, media files will also be transferred to another phone number. However, the process of changing your WhatsApp phone number should be completed before your chat history migration. This feature will be available for both Android and iOS phones. It is currently being tested. & Nbsp;


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