Now users will be able to apply for Twitter’s Blue Tick, the company’s announcement to start ‘verification application process’

Now users will be able to apply for Twitter's Blue Tick, the company's announcement to start 'verification application process'

Twitter users can now apply for its Blue Tick or Blue Badge once again. The company has once again announced to start its ‘verification application process’. Through this, users can apply for Blue Tick. However, according to the company, only those users will get this Blue Tick, whose application meets their fixed rules. Twitter discontinued this feature in the year 2017. After that, till now, she used to verify the account by selecting herself.

According to Twitter, the application process for verification will start from next Thursday. Also, it will be rolled out completely in the next few weeks. Our users will now apply for this Blue Tick by themselves. We will check these applications according to our rules and give the user their answer within four weeks. If a user’s application is rejected, then he can apply for it again after 30 days.

Twitter has changed the rules of verification

Twitter has also made several changes this time in Blue Tick’s application methods and its verification rules. According to the new rules, the account of the user applying should be active during the last six months. Twitter has also made the work field the basis of the application. The new rules include government, companies, brands and organizations, news organizations and journalists, entertainment, sports and gaming, activists, and influential people on social media. Also, by the end of this year, Twitter plans to add scientists, religious leaders and educators to them.

Now users will get the option to apply for Blue Tick in their profile settings. Also your account should be complete. Apart from the profile image and name, your email and phone number should also be verified. Twitter will also check past behavior of people on social media before approving the application. He will ensure that the user has not posted any objectionable post on Twitter or anywhere else, which proves the superiority of a particular organization.

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