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oneplus 7t design

OnePlus has stuck with the waterproof mark for oneplus 7t, which is a surprise given its competition. It seems that the company is retaining this feature for its promoters.

We have the same tall airspace grill, and the same general beauty as before. We really like the fact that these days we usually see very few corners of the screen on the phone, resulting in fewer display clips. The borders around the screen are very thin, and are less visible in the front.

Around the circular island is a sea of ​​matte glass. It is available in oneplus 7t Glacier Blue and Frosted Silver, but it is already known that more options will be released over time. We have seen a very delicate upgrade on the back of our Glacier Blue Review Unit.

oneplus 7t specifications and software

As expected, this oneplus 7t uses Qualcomm’s refreshed Snapdragon 855+ processor with a slightly faster 2.96GHz high-performance Kryo 485 CPU core than the Snapdragon 855, while the other seven performance covers are the same. Qualcomm also claims 15% better GPU performance thanks to the higher Adreno 640 integrated GPU.

8 GB RAM is now standard in various variants. You just need to decide whether to get 128 GB or 256 GB of storage, which of course uses the high speed UFS 3.0 standard. These two variants are priced at Rs. 37,999 and Rs. 39,999 respectively, so we do not expect anyone to think of spending Rs. For dual storage, 2,000 to 2,000 will have to go a long way. OnePlus does not support microSD cards, although the increased storage on offer means that it is now much less of a hassle. Interestingly, the device’s USB Type-C port supports USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gbps) transfer, but the included cables can only include USB 2.0.

The display is slightly longer, now with 20: 9 aspect ratios and 1080×2400 resolution. It typically measures 6.55 inches and has a 90Hz refresh rate as well as HDR10 +. OnePlus says that the screen supports SRGB and P3 color gamut, but not to that extent.

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oneplus 7t

Battery life

Battery capacity has increased from 3700mAh to 3800mAh. OnePlus also says that its new Warp Charge 30T is faster than the standard Warp Charge 30. The charger you get in your box is rated 5V / 6A (30W) and in just 30 minutes you try to charge the phone from zero to 70%, a claim we’ll test a bit.

Dual band Wi-Fi is 802.11ac. Bluetooth 5 GPS NFC 2 with Optix HD and LDAC and all common sensors. OnePlus also says that its haptic vibration motor and in-display fingerprint sensor have been improved compared to the previous model. Some features that are missing are: Wi-Fi 6, wireless charging and an IP rating.

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oneplus 7t display

The combination of Snapdragon 855+ processor and 90Hz screen makes oneplus 7t feel very aggressive and responsible. It is not possible to say how much of a difference each of these factors is that is responsible, but the overall effect is that it is a pleasure to use the phone and it neither stumbles nor during our review. Awaiting any opportunity.


Heavy apps and games opened up quickly, and multitasking didn’t bother us. Both fingerprint sensors and facial recognition were easy to install and use. We did not feel that security measures were taken. You can allow the screen to light at night to help recognize faces, and you can choose from a few dynamic options for fingerprint sensors.

The Snapdragon 855+ processor broke our benchmark chart, publishing astronomical results: 399,656 in Into, and 10,409 in PC Markwork 2.0. Jake Bench 5’s single-core and multi-core scores were 789 and 2,736, respectively. oneplus 7t tested the GFX bench of KTRX and Manhattan 3.1, and published a 41fps splash in the car chase scene. 3D Mark Ice Storm Infinite gave us 76,742 points while Sling Shot Extreme scored 6,185.

PUBG test

As expected, PUBG Mobile worked flawlessly. The gameplay was smooth and the experience was deep and enjoyable. We drastically increased the HDR and frame rate of the graphics, and did not feel any disruption. However, the phone back was slightly warmer when using these settings. Asphalt 9: I was happy to play the role of Legends.

With normal daily usage, battery life was quite good and we managed to save about 40% in a full day. If you don’t play games or watch a lot of videos, it should last for a day and a few days. Our HD video loop battery test lasted 14 hours, 35 minutes which is good but not particularly good, but this can be explained by the screen size.

oneplus 7t

oneplus 7t camera

There is little and brand new about oneplus 7t, and the new rear camera setup at the rear is definitely a major attraction. We have a 48-megapixel base shooter with an exceptionally wide f / 1.6 aperture. It is based on tested and true Sony IMX586 sensors, and provides hybrid image stabilization that leverages optical as well as electronic stability capabilities.

The second rear camera has a 117 degree wide field of view and 16 megapixel resolution, while the final has a 2x telephoto lens and f / 2.2 aperture for optical zoom. There is no separate depth sensor, but the picture effect is applied using a combination of these cameras.

The OnePlus Camera App View Finder has a simple slider that lets you switch between wide-angle (0.6x) cameras, a primary one (1x) and an optical zoom (2x). Tap and hold this slider brings a dial that allows you to make better adjustments to the shot. We are happy that oneplus 7t used its optical zoom camera to take shots in low light in its tests. However, in Pro mode, it is possible to use the full 48-megapixel resolution of the main camera, which is not easy to find. You can slide the shutter button upwards to show more methods and settings, which are not in the same carousel or row of icons as the viewfinder, and we wish they were easier to find.

oneplus 7t

Final opinion

When it comes to cost, the fact is that there is only one rupee. The difference from 128GB storage to 256GB means that there is no decision-making mind between these two variants. If you are spending too much anyway, Rs. 2,000 is worth more for double space, as there is no microSD card slot. However, this again increases the entry-level cost for the OnePlus phone, leaving the so-called “budget flagship” market behind.