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Oppo a12 Full review Design, Display, Camera, Performance, Software and user interface

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oppo a12

Oppo’s budget smartphone A12 has recently been launched in India and is priced below Rs 10,000. It includes a 4,230 mAh battery, dual cameras and a water drop mark, but does it stand out from the crowd? Let’s check it out in the Oppo a12 review.


As soon as you see the phone in the box, it catches your eye at first sight. The smartphone’s front fascia is dominated by a 6.22-inch HD + display, with a front camera surrounded by a dodrop-style notch and thick bezels. The smartphone’s front look is similar to other smartphones in its segment. What sets it apart is its diamond cut edge design. The back of the smartphone is made of plastic, but it does not seem to be losing its premium. The dual camera is horizontally connected to an LED flash and rear fingerprint sensor.



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With the headphone jack disappearing, it’s good to see that Oppo a12 is still the one. It would be nice if the company introduced Type C port in smartphones as many smartphone companies are introducing Type C port as part of the budget. Overall, we like the size of a smartphone and it is important to note that it sits right on the hands.

Oppo a12


Oppo a12 is equipped with a 6.22-inch HD + IPS display panel and protected by Gorilla Glass 3. We feel that the brightness of the display is not limited to direct sunlight. At home, when it comes to watching movies, playing games, the display panel has not disappointed us at all.
Oppo a12 Wide Vine does not support the L1 DRM protocol, so don’t expect HD streaming in Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Overall, it is a good idea to consider the price you are paying for it.

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oppo a12 is equipped with a dual camera setup in the back. It has 13 MP primary sensor and 2 MP secondary sensor. The rear camera captures good photos with good detail and color accuracy. The daylight shots were full of details and crispness. When it comes to night photography with this phone, it can receive more light as it can open its shutters for a duration of 30 seconds, which is almost twice the competitive price of the Realm 2 Pro. Night shots also have a good explanation and at least do justice to the price you are paying.

Coming to the video section, the video can be recorded in 30 HDPS in full HD resolution. The videos recorded by the smartphone are fine but the area it lacks is its stability. For selfie, it has a 5MP front camera sensor. It can take good selfies but in reality, they are not full of details. Speaking of its zooming scope, the smartphone offers 5x digital zoom and 3x-4x zoom also provides satisfactory output in clicked photos. I wonder why Oppo is still relying on dual camera setups when competitors are offering quad camera setups with the same type of high resolution cameras or at a lower price.

Oppo a12


Oppo a12’s MediaTek Helio P35SC is a powerful octa-core processor that is thought to be on par with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 665, it works perfectly and even outpaces its nearest rivals. The smartphone comes with 4 GB of RAM and is paired with up to 64 GB of internal storage. The unit we got was 4GB + 64GB. We played PUBG, GTA San Andreas and fired on it free of charge and the A12 did not disappoint at all. There were minor flaws, but they could be easily overlooked. We tried PUBG with a high graphic setup and it worked well in this case as well. Heat is a common problem with almost every smartphone, but Oppo a12 does not heat up so easily unless you play the game for a long time.

Oppo a12 supports Dual SIM (Nano) and runs out of box at 6.1 with color ORs on Android 9 Pie. The smartphone’s UI is good but the ads in between are really annoying. Once you change the data connection, the notification panel starts filling up with advertisements.

Oppo a12 comes up with 4230 mAH large battery. We played a two-hour game, watched videos on YouTube, browsed the web, and finally invited friends, but it dropped 20% juice the next day.

For security, Oppo a12 comes with a fingerprint and face unlock option. The fingerprint sensor works fast and correctly, while we felt that Face Unlock might be a bit faster.

Oppo a12

Software and user interface

This software runs on Oppo a12 is Android 9 with OS 6.1 user interface. It’s 2020, and most smartphones have moved to the latest Android 10, and Android 11 is set to be released in a few months. Oppo a12 lacks support for the latest Android 10 and is out of competition. Is growing

Color ORS 6.1 is also seen on many Oppo smartphones, Oppo a12 gives the same features that you see on other Oppo phones running on Color ORO 6.1. Found as usual, but some simple features like app cloner, gamespace and gesture control make this good.