Oppo reno 4 pro

Oppo reno 4 pro, design, Speaker, Price, performance and battery life

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Oppo reno 4 pro

Here we bring the oppo reno 4 pro full review in which you will know th Speaker, Software, battery life etc of oppo reno 4.

The design

The reno 4 Pro is one of the lightest phones we’ve seen in a while, let’s start with that. At 161 grams, it will be easy on your pocket and long hand scrolling sessions will be easy on your pinky.

One reason for this is that Oppo has used plastic on the back and frame. They call it ‘glass-like co-polymer PC (polycarbonate) resin’, which is about most of the words used to describe your plastic. Plastic is not a bad thing in itself and it will not break into drops as easily broken glass, and it is lighter than glass, obviously. This is not a premium sentiment, however, depending on where your case stands or does not matter.

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The rear end of the reno 4 Pro has a matte finish that we’ve seen on the OnePlus 8, a slightly stiffer than a smooth matte glass panel, it may feel a bit sandpaper-y, but it’s a bit of a fingerprint. Removes the mark well, and provides a slightly better grip than its glass counterparts.

Our review unit is on its way to Starry Night Color and is a gray gradient with darker colors on the bottom and lighter stars on the top – perhaps illuminating the sky. We also tried the silky white color, and it has a fine pearl effect.

The display side welcomes you to a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED with slightly curved edges – yes, it degrades at a reasonable price. This curve is just too big to deal with, we think that even if you want to install a glass screen protector, it will inevitably be a hassle. The phone comes with a plastic sheet already installed in the display, so it’s there.

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Oppo reno 4 pro

Speaker test

The reno 4 Pro has a single loudspeaker, which is in under the phone.

oppo reno 4 pro Software: Featured

The reno 4 Pro runs on Oppo’s Color ORS 7.2, which is based on Android 10. While this functionality is largely the same as we saw on Oppo’s phones recently, the company says that it has added some new smartphones to the modern version. The icon pull-down gesture is a very simple task, with which you can access the icon on the home screen with a simple gesture.

The ‘Quick Return Bubble’ lets you keep track of your game when you need to minimize it to open another app. As the name suggests, this creates a temporary bubble that displays relevant information about the game. When you are either waiting for the match to begin, or before jumping off the plane, the type of information is limited to the count in the game.


oppo reno 4 pro performance and battery life

In India, Oppo has introduced the same version of reno 4 Pro, which has 8GB LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB UDA EL storage. It also includes dual-band Wi-Fi AC, Bluetooth 5.1, several satellite navigation systems and custom sensors.

When you see that the choice of SOC to offer the competition ends immediately. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G may be a fast and efficient chip for low-cost phones, but using it here means that Rs. 35,000, the reno 4 Pro is certainly boosted by its peers. For example, the OnePlus 7T (Review) retails at the same price and has the fastest Snapdragon 855+ SC. Even the OnePlus Nord is better than its Snapdragon 765G 5G SC at a lower price.

Oppo reno 4 pro

oppo reno 4 pro Camera: Can Improve

Camera is another area in which the Indian model differs from the global model. oppo reno 4 pro sold here has four rear cameras: 48-megapixel primary, 8-megapixel ultra wide, 2-megapixel macro and 2-megapixel depth camera. The Global reno 4 Pro 5G model has the same primary camera but has a 13-megapixel telephoto and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera. I am not happy with the trade on Indian model, but it is what it is. The selfie camera is the same in both models, using the same Plus Nord as the 32-megapixel Sony IMX616 sensor.

The camera interface is easy to use. You can swipe to the right of the viewfinder on different shooting modes, and depending on the format selected, you get similar options on the left. Weirdly enough, Max has no way to switch to the camera without jumping into the hips. It is as if Oppo did not want you to bother him. Control is not found anywhere in the list of shooting methods, but is hidden in expert mode. Here, to use the macro camera, you have to tap two ‘tree’ icons and then select the ‘flower’ icon. Ironically, when you get too close to an article, the camera AI recommends using a ‘macro lens’.


Specs and Display

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G sits in the center of the reno 4 Pro 5G and comes with a decent 12GB of RAM, which makes things unclear and responsive. Apps load faster and the phone can handle multi-layered and extreme games more easily than most mid-range handsets.

We were able to play PUBG in Ultra HDR settings (available for this handset) in addition to the occasional drop. Other fast paced games such as Shadow Legends and Asphalt 9 worked better with very few struts to break the experience.

Gaming sounds even better with a refresh rate of 90 Hz for gaming speed and graphics. And you can further customize your gaming experience with ‘Gamespace’, which can increase gaming performance for ancillary games (PUBG only during our tests) and display you on-screen notifications that disturb gaming Can stop doing. can do

As far as raw power and standards are concerned, the reno Pro 5G performed well with an average of 14,614 single-core, and the Geek Bench 5 with a 1,803 multi-core score.

Oppo reno 4 pro


Last words about Oppo Reno 4

If oppo reno 4 pro launches global models in India with a better selection of Snapdragon 765 GSCs and secondary rear cameras, oppo reno 4 pro could be a strong contender in the Indian mid-range smartphone segment. We still have a good product here, but its current price is Rs. Rupees. 34,990, it is very expensive and there is no point in getting that fact.

I think most people would be happy with the OnePlus 7T at this price. Sure, you’ll miss the slim design and super fast charging, but the 7T has a better camera, faster processor and premium build than the reno 4 Pro. OnePlus Nord, Realm X3 Series, and Redmi 20 Pro are also great options that provide better performance and are less expensive.